What to do in port?



Two Questions:

1. We are sailing on the Navigator of the Sea from Miami on November 20-27, 2004. We will be staying in room 9356. Has anyone stayed here and provide any useful information on this room?

2. We are sailing to San Jaun, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and Nassua. Does anyone have any can't miss suggestions for shore excursions?



We went to St Thomas in Feb 2003 with Carnival....we rented a jeep in St John....
Once off the ship we picked up a taxi at the pier and took it to red hook ferry which took us over to St John. We were able to tour the island at our own pace and enjoy ourselves. We went to Trunk Bay and Annaberg sugar mill ruins plus had lunch at Skinny Legs. It was really worth it! The only thing is they drive on the left side of the road and the roads are narrow and wind up and down and around so you have to be careful driving. But St John is more park then anything so much less populated then St Thomas too! Try and get over there for the day if you can....you can always pick up a taxi in St John and have them take you wherever you'd like too instead of driving yourself.


St. Maarten, Orient Beach is an experience....it has a clothes optional and topless beach. The beach and water are beautiful...we parasailed...what an experience and the food at the beach is very good.
St. Thomas is very beautiful, we walked alot and shopped.

Have fun.


I've have yet to meet anyone who did a day sail in St Thomas and it wasn't there best day. Day sails are on 50 ft, give or take, sail boats that take you to less populated beaches to swim, snorkle and tan. I enjoyed it all, but the sailing just adds to it all. Our kids, 11, 14 and 17 just had a blast. They provide a great lunch with all the drinks one could want, snorkle equipement and a relaxed atmosphere. There are several to choose from, here are a couple to start.



In St Martins we rented a car. First we shopped in town, then we drove around the island looking for good food. After that we found a quiet beach to snorkle and swim for a couple of hours. Our whole family really enjoyed the drive and seeing the differences between the Dutch and French side. Caution that all beaches on the French side are topless. But while we saw one or two on our small beach, it wasn't very noticeable to the kids. Although I'm sure the 14 and 17 year olds did notice. This year we are cruising without the kids and thinking of trying Orient Beach.

One other thing I really remember about St Martins is the local people there are the nicest folks I have ever met. Another great day.


We sailed on the Winifred in St. Thomas, and it was a fantastic day! Word of warning, these small sail boats are NOT for those inclined to sea sickness!


In St. Maarten we used their local bus system and went around the island. We ate over on the French side at a stand along side the road where they grilled ribs, chicken, made conch chowder, coleslaw, etc. I got the ribs, $ 4 for a slab, and the coleslaw and a bottled water. Then after eating went and swam in the bae....it was wonderful

At St. Thomas we took a 6 hr catamaran tour over to St. John. It was a 2 hr sail there, 2 hrs snorkeling in the blue, blue water and then a 2 hr sail back. It was a marvelous day.



I love walking thru the Old City of San Juan. There are many charming little parks and interesting old buildings. We bought some snacks from the street vendors and just had fun people watching. There are also some interesting art galleries and of course, the butterfly place.