What to do in Progresso?


Don B

We have done the ruins and Merida tours. This time we want to hang around Progresso itself. Suggestions for a non-crowded beach with shade with good food nearby would be right up our alley. Don't want to be in the resort, nor a noisy beach party scene. Has anybody actually "gotten away from it all" in Progresso?


Access port for excellent Mayan ruins at Uxmal, Dzibilchaltun (nearest site to port. Oldest Mayan site in Yucatan) and Chichen Itza.
Access port for Merida, 1.2 million souls and one heckuva plaza and marketplace.
Bring your money and be ready to haggle.
Oh, and be nice to the Federales, no?
Beaches near Progreso are kinda sorta/clean, but you can get lots of seaweed and kelp fouling the shallows. Ask your cruise director about the local beach conditions before you go.
Town of Chicxulub about 5 minutes to the east of Progreso has a great beach, a favorite of locals.
It is also the site of the meteor impact 65 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs.
The crater is about 10 miles offshore to the northwest. The meteor's trajectory came in low from the southeast travelling northwest before impact.
The ejecta blanket of debris thrown up by the meteor's impact is now referred to as the Gulf of Mexico.

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