what to do in San Juan at Night?



We will be going on the Carnival Victory January 11th, one of our ports is San Juan from 5 to midnight, what is there to do at night? We will have our 4 year old with us as well any ideas? Is it safe to walk around after dark? Last question are the shops in Old San Juan open after 6pm? Thank you for all of your help.


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I think Most of the stores closes from 6 - 7 so at 7.30 everithing is almost close , but your ship arrive at 5.00 so get ready to go and shop because if they close and you are in the store you stay there until you finish shopping :: Marshalls is open All night And The Guess Store closes at 7.00 other stores maybe be open until 8.00 But , if you would Like a safe place to shop whitout taxes go to PLAZA CAROLINA Mall at Carolina P.R , is close to San Juan , A TAXI is needed but ist is a BIG shooping Mall thats have from Sears to JC PENNEY , Walgrenss everything is there ,,, but is you would like to stay in San Juan get off early of the ship and Go Shopping :: The mashalls is great , great prices ,,, if it safe to walk at nigh but be sure to not be alone ,, because if there are more cruise ships at port , is safe because there is people ,, ok never get alone whit your kids . there are some shops close to the ship ,, that sales Puerto Ricans Candies T.Shirts and much more i recomend you go there ; There are PIRAGUAS ;; there are great your kids will LOVE IT ,, and the CHURROS ;; there are great to just try one you will love them ,

I think You will love Puerto Rico ; just shop Firts , and later go there and enjoy a PIRAGUA , and of course some churros...