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What to do in San Juan?

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by mel47, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    Sailing on the Navigator in September. Have a short day in San Juan. Looking for nearby nice beaches and general advice on what to do while in port.

    We are not into the excursions offered by Royal Caribbean and not intereted in tours/historical stuff.

    Any advice is appreciated!
  2. zina

    zina Guest

    If you are looking for nice beaches, the nicest ones within a reasonable distance of the cruise pier is at Isla Verde, right near the airport. I would siggest that you call the El San Juan Hotel and inquire if they have a day pass program which would allow you to use the facility and beaches, and maybe have lunch at a fixed cost.

    You may also be able to do this for the Wyndham El conquistador hotel and spa, which I have not seen, but I'm told is just gorgeous.

    A little further out is Luquillo Beach - kinda funky, lots of places to eat. I am not a fan of the Condado area, especially their beaches.
  3. mel47

    mel47 Guest

    Thanks for the info, Zina!
  4. scliq

    scliq Guest

    Hi Zina!
    Can you reccommend what to do there at night ? We are not club people but get here from 5pm till 12 any ideas?
    Take Care,
  5. zina

    zina Guest

    Check out the show at the Wyndham El San Juan. They used to have a great flamanco show, and other top name entertainment acts. They also have a beauriful casino there if you're into that. It's like the old ones in Monte Carlo
  6. scliq

    scliq Guest

    Thanks Zina!
    I will check on that.
    I read somewhere there is also a pirates castle but don't know if it is open at nightime or not.
    Take Care,
  7. Diva

    Diva Guest

    Maybe you mean El Morro - it is a nice place to visit . I don't remember if it is open at night or not but I don't think that it would be wise to do at night.

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