What to do in San Juan



I am going on the Navigator in March and will be in San Juan on March 14th from 2pm til 10pm. I am not sure what to do in this port especially because of the late time that we get in. I have read a little bit about the Bioluminescence Kayak Tour. Has anyone done this? I talked to one company and they said that you can only do it if you spend the night there. If you have done it will it fit into the times I am in San Juan? Any other ideas would be great? I am a water person and love anything to do with the ocean. What is there to do as far as look at in the city? Is it really hot to do this? What beaches are good here? Thanks!!


Unfortunately, I think San Juan will not fully meet your expectations. I travelled there last year for business and just took a cruise that departed out of San Juan. I also did a cruise that stopped in San Juan. Because you are arriving around 2pm you may want to get out and explore Old San Juan before it gets too late. The shops and street vendors do tend to close early (7pm or so) so maybe you should plan on that. As far as beaches, there is nothing really good close to the ship. You will need to taxi over to the Condado Beach area 15 minutes or so by taxi. Ask to be taken near the Marriott hotel and use the beach there. I am like you and would prefer the beach so I say skip the shopping and head over that way. Taxi cost should be around $10-15. The shopping in San Juan is the same tacky touris stuff you will see in your other ports. Let me know if you have any other questions.

P.S. I think the cruise lines should really just skip San Juan


Now it's been about 6 months since I researched San Juan, we spent a precruise night there in Sept. The condado area, I'm guessing about a 10 minute or less ride to the pier has a night life all around the beach front, but it really begins to pick up at 10p.

We stayed at the wyndham condado. It's right on the lagoon and ocean. has several pools, a swim up bar and outside restaurant. There is beach access to a small beach here. You can easily crash this hotel, (no flaming me here guys, just trying to be helpful). I've posted a few pictures of it here, but with the galley being arranged I can't find 'em yet. This was a great hotel to spend the day relaxing. From the hotel you can walk the strip, do a bit of shopping and eat at authentic restaurants, we did.

There is also an excursion to old san juan. it is neat walking the old streets, but as it gets anywhere near dark you wouldn't catch me there. During the day there were some spots, alleys that just appear, and are very unsafe looking. The majority even here still speak spanish, along with the menu selections and the friendly tourism like you fnd in other ports is not here. plus in the middle of old san juan there are a fair amount of homeless and panhandlers, others may see it differently. We STILL enjoyed our time there, if you head twords the pier, or water, in old san juan, you'll see two areas of local vendors and a strip which leads to a fountain of those selling their goods, it was not a bad way to spend our time.

Finally there are several forts to go exploring in. While this was something I've said I'd never do or be interested in, we did this to get off the ship early and early. Surprisingly I hada pretty good time and would do the fort excursion again.

From memory, the bioilluminescent tour was an additional 60 minute ride from the port and transportation wasn't included which was why we skipped it, plus I believe there was a kayak involved. Try these links;