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What to do on a Greek Cruise

Discussion in 'Europe' started by haji, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. haji

    haji Active Member

    I will cruising in May stopping in Bari, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Olympia, and Dubrovnik. Does anyone have any suggestions? The wife and I like to explore by ourselves and not part of an excursion. We will be on the MSC Musica
  2. BruinSteve

    BruinSteve Well-Known Member

    Okay...here are my suggestions/notes:

    Bari: Sorry...only thing I did here was to get the heck out of Bari...

    Corfu: I love Corfu, been there a couple of times...Grab a taxi out to the Achilleion Palace...Then back to town and wander around the old city and explore the two Medeival Venetian Fortresses...My favorite for lunch is Pizza Pete's...it's on the bluffs just south of the harbor...get a table along the railing...The fish put on quite a show when the waiters throw bread over the rail...Check out this picture here:

    "Pizza Pete" Fine Art Print by Tom Gomez [4517811-1] - RedBubble.com

    Those are the tables on the right, over the sea cliffs...the kitchen is in the building across the street...

    Santorini: Ancient Thira is pretty cool, up on a mountaintop...but may be hard to get to...We renterd a car and drove it...it is an incredibly difficult one lane but two way road...and it only takes you part of the way up...but the vierws from the site are incredible...Another visit, we took the bus to Oia, which is a very scenic town as well...Other than that, you can just walk around Fira...eat in a cafe with a view of the Caldera...

    Mykonos: Not a whole lot to do here but "veg"...Shop around town, walk up to the Windmills...

    Athens: Lots to do here...You might want to consider hiring a taxi/guide for the day...Obvious attraction is the Acropolis, but there's lots more...We've done this port on our own, with a shore excursion and with a private taxi tour...From my experience, best way to get the least done is to try to do it on your own without a guide...

    Olympia: Again, I would consider hiring a taxi as there are ancient archaeologivcal sites scattered throughout the Pelopenese...

    Dubrovnik: Easy town to do on your own...WALK THE WALLS...at least half way around on the "sea" side...We enjoyed visiting the Synagogue...and, of course, all of the narrow streets are pretty cool...Take a cab up to the view point above tow for the great classic almost "aerial" photos...
  3. Essexgirl

    Essexgirl New Member

    We visited some of these ports in 2009:
    Santorini - We took a tram/funicular railway up to the town of Fira, the queues were long but the alternative is going up on a donkey which is quite dangerous. we were in a restaurant at the top and saw a woman come in for first aid following a fall from the donkey, apparently this is not unusual!! Amazing sunrise over the island as we sailed in to port.
    Mykanos - we found a lovely beach where we spent the day.
    Athens - We got a train into the centre from the port ( clean and signs in english, since the olympics) then walked up to the acropolis to see the pantheon. Not easily signposted so maybe easier to get a taxi or a tour.
    Dubrovnik - Bus into the old city and a walk around the walls overlooking the city. My kids and husband did a kayaking trip around the coastline.

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