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What to do when an upgrade isn't an upgrade?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by MeauxMum, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. MeauxMum

    MeauxMum Guest

    I booked a Guaranteed catagory H cabin on the Norwegian Wind to sail in January 2007. This evening, when I went to view my registration, it shows a catagory F cabin which costs $100 less than what I paid when booking. I phoned my TA and she said that just because I paid more doesn't mean that the cabin costs more. What??? How do I convey to her that I want a cabin that costs at least what I paid for? If there are no cabins left (showing only 4 on the ship, I think,) can I ask for a refund on the difference? I've never had this happen before. Always got at least the cabin I paid for or better -- never less expensive and on the bottom rear, either!
  2. As a ta I just ran into the very same thing and it was on NCL. One higher catagory, was less than what cliants were paying: it was only about $25 per person, but was less: this was after final payment and no, NCL would do nothing. Actually in my case they would upgrade to the higher cat but wouldn't discount: luckily my cliants are also getting a $75 OBC so were happy just to keep what they had. If we had presured it any further, they may have gotten the difference in price but would have lost the OBC. Also docs had been sent so that added to the problem. I think I would ask my TA to talk to either her sales rep for NCL or a supervisor. You may not win, but I wouldn't let it die. The biggest problem you may have is the guaranteed cabin. They did upgrade you. NMnita
  3. MeauxMum

    MeauxMum Guest

    WoW!!! I just got off the phone with my TA, Ms. Valerie. She, and Anita with NCL, went above and beyond to work out an amazing solution. Because of the price difference between the cabins, DH and I have been truly upgraded to a catagory C. And because this cabin was also a little less expensive than what we have already paid, a refund for the difference will be given. I cannot ask for a sweeter deal than that! I'm soooo happy!!!!!!

    Thanks for the encouragement, NMnita. I'm glad I took your advice. :)
  4. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    Cruise "fares" change all the time. Don't compare today's prices with what you booked with weeks, or even months ago.

    NCL ranks cabins from A to N on most ships, to OS on the Spirit; with A being the best and OS being the worse. If you were upgraded from H to F, you were upgraded 2 classifications, believe it or not.

    Stop complaining! It's not NCL's fault fares dropped since you booked your cruise.
    Fares could have gone up instead.
  5. MeauxMum

    MeauxMum Guest

    Well, I'm still pretty happy with the outcome. And I will certainly enjoy my cruise just the same as though I would have gotten the cabin catagory I'd initially requested.

    Again, thanks for the input, NMnita!
  6. goboating6

    goboating6 Guest

    Hi, I just got back from a cruise on the Wind, 10 day, Hawaii. I'll be writing a review in a day or so. Maybe I can answer some questions for you. There were a few negitive things but for the most part the cruise was great. The Staff on the wind was really great! I was impressed with the crew after having read several negitive reviews. This was my 2nd cruise. The first with Princess.
  7. MeauxMum

    MeauxMum Guest

    I'd love to read your review. Please let me know when and where to find it.

    One of my first questions is about the laundry service. If you used it, (or if you happen to know,) what kind of prices should I expect? It is my understanding that they do not offer self-laundry facilities on the Wind.

    I am also wondering about the freestyle cruise dinner arrangements. Is it like eating at a local restaurant? (We go without reservations and they seat us at a table of our choice?) And did the menu meet your expectations?

    Ahhh.... So many questions. I can't wait to read your review!

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