What to do while in the Port of Orlando?

We will be there next April...

What is there to do while there?
What is the best and less expensive way to get around?
What are the best beaches?

Thanks for all and any replies



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The port which you are referring to is actually located about 45 min east of Orlando. The closest site to see as a tourist would be the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral where they used to launch the space shuttles from. I've heard Cocoa Beach has some nice beach areas as well (you may remember this little sleepy town from I Dream of Jeannie). Other than that there is not a whole lot to do at Port Canaveral. It is simply meant as a transfer point between cruises and the Orlando theme park area.


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Of course you mean Port Canaveral. Many people like to head over to the various theme parks, and if this is your thing, I highly suggest you rent a car and drive there on your own. If you book thru Carnival, they charge $150 -$170 pp depending on the park. Admissions at most parks are around $80, so that means that $70 -$90 is being charged for "transportation" (and profit). You can easily rent a car for the day for less than $100, and most rental companies will pick you up at the pier, and bring you back. For a family of 4, this can save you $300 or more. Many people will just head over to nearby Cocoa Beach. There is a low cost shuttle that will take you from the pier and bring you back. Hope this helps.