What to do with an evening in San Juan?


Gayle V

We're looking at the list of excursions for our stop in San Juan. There really isn't much to pick from, most probably due to the fact that we are only there in the evening.

These are the excursions offered:

Bacardi Evening Experience (ferry over to factory, tour and drinks)

Bioluminescence Bay Kayak Tour (Looks like fun, but together we weigh too much for the kayak)

Juan Carlos & His Flamenco Rumba (Anybody know if this is any good?)

Night Horseback Riding (Nope. Bad hips.)

Old San Juan Sunset Tour (Walking tour. Nothing will be open.)

San Juan City/Juan Carlos & His Flamenco Rumba (Same ? as above )

San Juan Night Life Tour ( A tour in a vehicle, they warn that you won't be able to see at night, and that everything will be closed.)

That's it, the total list of excursions that Carnival offers. The excursions listed all sound so boring, I'm wondering what will be happening on the ship that evening ?

Has any one been on the Triumph lately who can tell if they will have the usual evening entertainments onboard? I'm afraid they won't have much happening, thinking everyone will be out and about town for the evening.

What would you do?


Never been there in the evening on a cruise Gayle but have been there on business and there are some nice restaurants or U could go to one of the casinos if that is your cuppa tea. Beware that there ARE some VERY sketchy areas that might be require EXTRA diligence in getting around the area safely. I would NOT say NOT to go out but limited amounts of cash on U would be a recommendation. Enjoy your stay!!! :thumb