what to do with luggage after cruise


Lucy Riordan

We are sailing on the Radiance 11/23/03 and our flight home isn't until 4:30. When we get off the ship I know there are things that we can do in Ft. Lauderdale but...what do we do with our luggage? We are staying pre-cruise at the Embassy Suites but that is just the night before the cruise. Anybody know where we can store our luggage for about 5 hours?


I am unsure about now with the travel alerts but before we were able to go ahead and check our luggage at the airport.


We just returned from a cruise on the EOS two weeks ago, flying out of Ft. Lauderdale airport. They would NOT let us check our luggage in for a flight no earlier than 3 hours before the flight AND we could not pass through the security area no earlier than 1 hour before our flight. This was tough too because all of the snack bars/food items are inside the security area.

Not sure what to tell you about your luggage. If you want to rent a car and store the luggage in the trunk and tour around Ft. Lauderdale, that would be one option. Also, I know that RCCL also offers some tours of the area after you get off the ship and I'm sure they could arrange to store your luggage until time to leave for the airport.

I'm sure too, the Embassy Suites would be willing to store your luggage for a short time after the cruise if you were to speak to them when you stayed there pre-cruise. I'm sure they come across that type of request frequently.

Sara Lee

BEFORE WRITING THIS I WENT BACK AND EDITED MY POST .. because I saw that you are staying PRE FLIGHT and have no wear when you get back... but I still would ask the embassy if you can come back and use the faciltys after your cruise for 3 hours ....

maybe go for a swim etc .... THe below information is usually good if you have to check out before a plane is ready .. but they might let you use the facilitys afterwards.. you would be amazed what people will do to get your business again ..

Im sure that Embassy suites has a room for people who have to check out and have to wait for a plane .. It might surprize you but they also probably have a room for people to freshen up and take even a shower .. while you are waiting ..

That is something most people dont know . ASK..
a place to store your luggage and if you need to a place to wash up .. ...
as you have to wait .. also

please ask for a late late checkout .. it is very likely you can get that if YOU BEG... or say HEY PLEASE AND DO IT THE NIGHT BEFORE AND THEN call first thing in the morning and ask for a late checkout ..

I would also advise going to embassy web site and checking out any perks or cards or special advantages they have for fillling out a card and joining whatever program they have for staying there frequently .. even if you dont .. a first time is always a start ..

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Whenever I have a late flight back out of FLL, (3 times) I always just go back to Embassy Suites. I tell the Bell Men I want to just leave my luggage at their station. They have always said fine as long as you take care of me (tips). I just get the shuttle back, leave my luggage there and get a taxi over to Riverfront. Then a couple of hours before my flight I go back to the hotel, get my luggage and have the shuttle take me back to the airport.

If , when you get off the ship, the shuttle is not there, just call the hotel and if they ask about reservations, the bell man told me to just tell them I left my car rental there.