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What to drink onboard if on diet?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Marcy, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. Marcy

    Marcy Guest

    hi ijust wanted to know what kind of alcohol would be a good idea to drink if im in a sorta dieat. Since i eat alot on crusies i dont want to waste so many carbs on alcohol , what do u recomend? thanx
  2. Frank Black

    Frank Black Guest

    I have been on the Atkins Diet and most wine is fairly low carb. But just one glass a day.
  3. Rosie

    Rosie Guest

    If you're serious about the diet, stick with water, ice tea or coffee. My hubby doesn't drink alcohol at all and has mastered the art of socializing over a cup of coffee. Myself - I'll just limit myself to a glass of wine or maybe something semi-healthy like a bloody mary or a screwdriver. I don't count calories but try to use moderation. I do think it's possible to eat healthy on a cruise - I just don't have the will power to skip desserts!



  4. OpusX

    OpusX Guest

    Gin and vodka tonics if you use diet tonic are not too bad esp with a good squeeze of lime.
  5. BP

    BP Guest

    I did the diet for a year and a half losing 145 pounds but during the two cruises we made during the diet I ate and drank to my hearts content and went back on the diet when I got home.

    Lost 145 pounds since July 2002.
  6. BP, good for you and Marcy, wine or as Opys said Vodka or Gin will work best. Just stay away from the sweet mixes and enjoy yourself. I don't think it's any secret that while dieting, even Atkins it's best not to drink alcohal and there are those who prefer not to drink regardless but for those who want to have a drink or two or even more, go for it> What is right for one person isn't always right for another. Cruising should be fun and you should do whatever you enjoy doing. Have a good one!!

  7. Marcy

    Marcy Guest

    Thanks nita i think youre right , its not like you go ona cruise everyday , so ill go with the diet vodka and gin tonics.
  8. BP

    BP Guest

    I had a bottle of Vodka in my room for that evening cocktail and drank red wine every night with dinner. I stayed away from the sweet rum drinks and had a light beer once in a while. and a cognac after dinner a few nights.

    After a ten night cruise I had put on seven pounds and took it off within two weeks of getting home.

    I did go the the gym everyday on the ship for a 45 minute workout.
  9. Marcy

    Marcy Guest

    But if you did all of that how did you end up gaining 7 pounds?
  10. glanders

    glanders Guest

    I don't drink, so I'd say drink water. However, if drinking is a must, just work out every day. One of the high points for me on Celebrity is the food, so I make sure I hit the gym for a vigorous workout every morning - then I eat whatever I want. I always manage to lose a couple of pounds and feel great.
  11. Marcy probably much of the 7 lbs was fluid as we all retain it while traveling, especially cruising. The foods often contain more sodium than we are accustom to, the humidity is normally very high and drinks like Cognac are death. 7 lbs on a 10 day cruise isn't all that much if you can shed it in a few weeks. I have made it a point not to step on a scale until at least 3 or 4 days after I return home. Even a long flight will contribute to the weight gain.

  12. aimee

    aimee Guest

    guess thats it then , but im going to go for a 45 min walk on the running track , since i always do that listening to music , and watch what i eat and drink , since dancing is going to burn aloot of calories u know the ones ill be drinking
  13. BP

    BP Guest

    Seven pounds is easy to put on when you eat three meals a day for 10 days and another 6 days in Florida. More important is that they were gone in two weeks. Since that cruise in february I have lost another 65 pounds for a total of 145 in 15 months.
  14. I just started atkins today. We will see how much I can take off before we leave. BP keep it up!!

  15. I've been on a low carb diet for a few months and started drinking gin and tonic with lime on the odd occasion. Hope the suggestion helps.
  16. BP

    BP Guest

    BP cruising next week on the Millennium

    The bottle of Vodka is packed and at most I expect to put on about five pounds which will come off by December 1.

    Since July 29 2002 I am down 147 pounds and will NEVER put on the weight again.

    It is the food and calories that put on the weight. . Also you must EXERCISE
  17. Hi,
    I didn't limit myself to anything while on board. I fairly pigged out (oh my) but I walked, walked and walked. I did do the nautical mile just one day up on the 12th deck. Sometimes it's hard to do that if you are on the ocean because the winds at the front are really strong, they can push you along. We walked Hamilton and St. George until our feet felt like falling off. We walked the huge hill up and over and down to Tobacco Bay and then did it in reverse coming back. Just to get off the ship in St. George for us was going down 3 levels and the entire length of the ship to the gangplank and then going out into the town is quite a walk. So diet, NO, food was way too good. Exercise in the form of Walking---YES! and it will curve your appetite some.
    Celebrity Zenith 10/11/03

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