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What to wear lunchtime in dining room



We have read that shorts can be worn in the Horizon buffet at lunchtime/breakfast time but are shorts allowed in the dining room if we decide to eat there instead of the buffet?

Cruise cutie

yes you can wear shorts at breakfast / lunch time in the Main Dining Rooms ..and we did NOT I am glad to say see anyone crash the evening Dining hours in shorts..the Maitre' D's were impounding folks at the door and headed them back to the casual dining at night...even though it was 2 -seven dayers back to back and it can tend to be more casual dressers on those sailings.... for my cruise..tons of folks were all snazzy dressed up and it was nice!!..Enjoy Princess!!..:wave..Joanne


What Cruise Cutie said, Breakfast and Lunch are more layed back, and dinner is the dresser time. Dressing up for dinner is pretty neat and great if you are a people watcher