What to wear the day of cruise?



This may seem like a silly question....but............:)

I have read postings about some luggage not getting to cabins until late that eveing, and some posts saying it is there when you get to your cabin. We are on deck 8, Bridge Deck, of the Rhapsody. My concern is that if we wear shorts when boarding the ship, and do not get our luggage until after dinner.......what is the best thing to do? Should we take clothes in a carry on bag to change into for dinner in the formal dining room, or would shorts be allowed in this one circumstance, should it happen that you did not receive your luggage in time? Is it the norm to wear shorts when boarding the ship and spending the afternoon getting accustomed to everything? Just want to do the appropriate thing! :)



I've never cruised before but spoke to alot of people who have and was told that the first night at sea is very casual and shorts are permitted in teh dining room. This was my exact worry earlier and some experienced cruisers helped me out. The first night is usually as buffet too which helps in the dress down area and is very informal. So wear what you feel comfortable in! Enjoy your cruise!


I always wear shorts down on the plane and usually end up wearing them in the dining room for the first night. Luggage is never in my cabin prior to my main seating time. They are really more lax on the first night about what is worn in the dining room. As long as you have shoes and a shirt on, just about anything goes.


Well it depends on the cruise line but most do no allow shorts in the dinning room. On the Millie last month there was a problem getting luggage due to customs. Most people did not receive theirs until very late in the evening. That was the only time that Celebrity allowed shorts. Even if it is a casual night, shorts are not allowed. Enjoy your cruise.

Little Irene

I always wear a comfortable pair of shorts and a light top to the ship. Works well for me.
We've been 50/50 on getting our bags before dinner. One time we had all our bags but one, and it had all my shoes in it. So I went to dinner with a skirt and my husbands boat shoes! OMG RCCL permits "casual" clothing on the first night because they know that many people don't get their bags right away. I like to change because of the long flight so I will bring something in my carryon bag, even if it's just a cotton skirt in case I don't get my bags in time.

Have a blast, don't worry about it... I've never seen anyone kicked out of the dinning room even during the week. Although I must say that I like the whole dress up thing so when I see someone wearing sneakers and cuttoff jeans & t-shirt in the dinning room, I wish the crew would say something!

We did Rhapsody a few years back, she was beautiful, still is I'm sure. Have a great time :)


I always wear shorts, and bring a pair of slacks in my carryon just in case the luggage doesn't arrive. The better half wears jeans, and he usually stays in the jeans for the first night. Whatever you decide, it shouldn't be a problem, as the first night is very casual.


I wear shorts and a t-shirt for travel (unless I am traveling in the dead of winter, then pants that zip-off into shorts), I carry one pair of long pants and a good shirt in my carry-on (I get them pressed if I will need to wear them). Also carry your bathing suit.

Lady Jag(Bobbie)

I always wear a comfy knit dress that is casual, but could very easily be worn on smart casual nights even. We've been on 8 cruises and we've always had our luggage in time for early seating. If you're comfortable in a nice capri outfit or dress, go with that then you don't have to worry about the luggage and you're already dressed for dinner which means more time for exploring the ship! :)

For kids, the new zip-off Plugg pants are great. The kids can wear shorts during the day and then just zip on the legs of the pants for dinner. It's really convenient and if you want to carry the 'legs' in your carry-on, they don't take up much space at all.


I wear shorts and a T-shirt my when I travel to the ship. They are very lenient about what to wear in the dining room the first night. They don't know who did or did not get luggage so many passengers eat with shorts on. If I don't feel like changing I just say, "my luggage hasn't arrived" :)


We usually travel in January or February and I would freeze in Chicago wearing shorts, so I wear comfortable, light weight slacks and layers on top. That way I won't roast standing around the airport in Miami or San Juan. And I'm always nicely dressed if there's no time (or luggage) to change for dinner on the ship.