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What to wear? Transatlantic on the Constellation, April 28

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by jred224, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. jred224

    jred224 Guest

    Although it's not my first time cruising, it IS my first time crossing the Atlantic and I have no idea what type of clothes to bring.

    Since we're not heading toward the tropics, I may need to adjust my cruise wardrobe accordingly.

    Any advice about what to wear as well as any other transatlantic tips would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Jred,

    Think WARM. WARM smart casual clothes, and a goretex jacket with a zip out warm lining for rain and cool weather, as well as for port excursions. Also, you can't pack as you normally would, meaning you can't load up two gigantic bags. International air weight limits are usually 50 lbs. So scale back your usual packing by half and take an additional 6 articles out. :) This is one cruise where you will almost certainly use the ship's laundry service.

    Don't pack your shoes in your luggage: Use a tote to carry them on for the flight back. They will kill your weight limit every time! So will books, souvenirs. European airports are very serious about weight limits on international flights. They don't let anyone 'slide by'.

    I'm going on a TA myself on CENTURY, and am getting very excited at spending a whole week at sea, plus an additional five days in ports. You will love it! Congrats, and happy sailing!
  3. jred224

    jred224 Guest

    Hi Poet...

    Thanks for the packing tips. I know it will be tough to cut back on my cruise wardrobe, especially the SHOES!

    Enjoy the Century, she's a great ship!


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