What Train do I take



My TA told me to take a train from the docks to london.. so ive been looking at
all these train sites and im getting really confused as to what to do.

My HAL cruise line arrives at harwich at 7 AM. Now I guess i need to know
how long does it take to get off the ship and how far is the train station

I've been told to stay around the victoria train statoin which is fine.. but not sure how to
accomplish that..

any suggestions would be great!



Hi Jeff,

I'm not sure what your situation will be in London but maybe I can get you started. Your ship will probably begin debarking passengers at about nine oclock. When you get off will depend on what color tags you get from your ship. Usually the ship will complete debarkation by about 11 oclock. The train station is only a five minute taxi ride from the dock. Trains will depart at regular intervals during the day, and go to the Liverpool Station in London. If I remember correctly it is about a two hour train trip. You can get the train schedules, and tickets if you want, on the internet by checking British rail services. Bus service to Heathrow can be obtained at Victoria Station, and you can check schedule and ticketing information on the internet under National Transport. You should have no problems in making connections.




The station at Harwich is Harwich International which is right at the cruise terminal no need for a taxi.

The station in London to which trains run is Liverpool Street, journey time about an hour and a half.

The clickable link below may be of help.