what wonderful family support I'm getting!!!



My sister has been coming down from Tacoma once a month to visit me for a few days. This month my baby sister is also flying up from San Diego for a few days during this time so the 3 of us can 'play dollhouse' together. This should be lots of fun cuz our whole family is pretty 'crafty'. (thanks Mom for that wonderful legacy) We also work on my 'sorting and boxing up' projects so I can get all the things ready that I want to send to my girls. Originally I had wanted to take a road trip from San Jose to Ohio to deliver the finished dollhouses and the things that I got from my Mom that I want to pass on to my brother and daughter. Now I'm thinking that maybe I should just pack it all real well and perhaps ship most of those items. This way I will be free to fly instead of sit in the car for 3 days. I could pack so much more into the car, but one of the dollhouses probably won't be finished in time. Talk about incentive to get off my butt and get to work! LOL

Yesterday my brother called me from Ohio and said he wanted visit with me sometime soon. He is willing to fly himself, his family and my daughter out here for a visit, or pay for my expenses to drive there. How wonderful. Since I'm no longer allowed to drive because of my poor vision and the possibility of seizures, I will have a chauffeur, Buddy Bill who has family back there. Sure do wish I could figure out how to coordinate my Daughter and brother from San Diego, and my brother and other daughter from Ohio to come visit all at once. It's been far too many years since those siblings have been together. Hopefully I could put the sisters in one room, and the brothers in another room so they could stay awake all night chatting if they wanted to. Haven't figured out where to put the wife and daughter Sophie though. Talk about a dream come true.

Whenever I have a monumental update in the progression of my cancer metastasis I write it all down first before I talk about it. This is easier cuz if I explain it verbally I get too emotional and can't really keep all the facts in order. Then later I can discuss it and refer to my written details. So you good folks have heard about my pill chemo vs Hospice decision before my girls did. Your notes have given me the courage to make those calls now. Last night I called my daughter in San Diego and we talked for over an hour. This kid is a real trooper and such an inspiration to me. Her take on all of this ~ "of course you won't go with hospice right now cuz you're a fighter just like Grandma was. She wanted to remain independent until the day she went to be with the Lord" and she got her wish, lasting until age 83 while battling congestive heart failure and still living alone and taking care of all her own needs. Tonight I need to call my other daughter in Ohio and break the news to her ~ before my brother calls her and discusses the possibility of flying out here together. She just started a brand new job so it's going to be tough for her to get away anytime soon.

I'm not sure that I have taken the time to express my love and appreciation for this C@ family that I feel such a strong connection with. Ever since the Captain gave us this Safe Harbor forum it seems that those of us in the Cancer Kids Club, and those who have loved ones battling this monster are free to give and receive so much emotional support as well as share helpful information with each other. Interestingly, every time I post an update and someone writes how sad and shocked they are it seems like I'm reading what I myself am feeling as well. This whole turn of events is indeed a nightmare and my main reaction to all this is ~ Weird, I don't feel that sick, thank God. Good grief, I'll never get all my projects done, small or large. Ya know all those wonderful crafty hobbies that you have put away cuz you'll do them 'later'? Well, it's definitely LATER than we all think. I told my daughter last night, "I made a really lovely needlepoint rug for your dollhouse but now you are going to have to finish it yourself cuz I can hardly even see those tiny stitches". she laughed and said, GREAT, No problem. Moral of this story, finish up the projects you begin or else someone will inherit a boat load of 'do it yourself' keepsakes when you are gone. LOL

The other lesson I learned ~ make a running 'to do' list and when you have a little energy, work on the small projects. When you feel great, work on part of the larger ones. I've found that if I allocate a specific amount of time each day and I can chisel away at the things that I have always wanted to complete (or in some cases, even begin! LOL) Want to try something fun? Look at the old prices on your kits, then go to Google and see what the finished product is currently selling for. Wow ~ if you finished up all your 'treasures' just sitting around in a closet or in the garage or basement you could just whip them out and instantly realize a marvelous equity from your original investment. LOL LOL

BTW, not sure that I've shared this but hubby has been super supportive. The poor guy asks me each morning "any errands today?" and he never complains when I give him the short list. He just drives me anywhere I want to go and waits patiently while I SLOWLY pick up my dollhouse supplies. He even does most of the grocery shopping now. I just have to give him a very detailed shopping list and can expect at least one phone call from him while he is at the store. He's even gotten very inventive about cooking for himself, or me if I ask him to. But I usually just want something very simple that requires little or no cooking. I'm slowly emptying the freezer of all my leftovers. Thank God for Stouffers macaroni and cheese or yogurt and fruit, toast and hard boiled eggs. Not much sounds appealing right now. Thankfully Sam is still sending over his fabulous home made soups.

OK, my alloted time for concentrating has now expired. LOL time for lunch and a short nap. =sleep
Hugs, Mari


Thanks for checking in. You sound very upbeat despite all the issues that you have. I know from my own situation, how frustrating it is not to be able to drive yourself but at least you are still able to get out.



You reap what you sow and your fields must be overflowing. You are such a gift to all of us here. Truly an "unmet friend". I hope and pray that your wish to have all of the siblings together is able to come true. Peace be with you. :angel


Mari thanks for b eing you. I know I need to just get up off it and I could do so much more. You are an encouragement to everyone to do the best they can and then some. Hugs

Oscar Slaughter

Thank you Mari for being such an inspiration. I feel so humbled reading your posts. Gets me up off my duff some too :kisses

connie seabee

Mari, you are truly an inspiration to all. I hope and pray that you and your family can all get together soon. ((((((((HUGS))))))))


Sounds like a fun event getting the "sisters" together for doll house play. You certainly have al ot on your agenda. It's a blessing that you don't feel real sick. I hope you are able to get things in order to visit your family. I'm in Ohio and I couldn't imagine being in the car for 3 days. That's a long trip. Flying would be nice. :)


=hug =hug Mari. You are teaching us all how to LIVE. And speaking of projects....I made a 20x27" latch hook rug/wall hanging train for my grandson to be's shower on Sat. Then made another one for my granddaughter to be's shower this Sunday of a big teddy bear holding a pink heart. I realize that NEITHER will fit into the babie's rooms "decor" but it is something I wanted my grandbabys to have that I made....so they can put them in the basement if they want :lol Granddaughter will have a "Kids Line Lady Bug" motif...I found a smaller latch hook rug (12"x12") of a lady bug and the most adorable pants, skirt and shirt that have sparkly sequin lady bugs on them. Well, of course, the colors are ALL WRONG for her "motif" which I realized after seeing them on line....so I have now decided to make the lady bug latch hook smaller and make it into a little "tote" she can carry around while wearing her outfit! So, thank you for the inspiration of getting off my duff right now and working on it....God Bless you, Ronda and I hope your family reunions all work out for you. You have brought true light to our world. =hug