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What would you rather do.... (Pacific Coastal question)

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by MrsT, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. MrsT

    MrsT Guest

    What would you rather do.....A 9 day Pacific Coastal on the Island Princess (May 6, 2006) or a 7 day Pacific Coastal (May 13, 2006) on the Sapphire Princess? Prices look pretty good right now, mini suites aren't much more (and on some websites less) than the highest price inside cabins! Next question, which is the best Mini Suite category on each ship?
  2. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    No doubt about it! I booked the 9 night Coastal on May 6th on the Island. Are you going to join me???? :grin
  3. MrsT

    MrsT Guest

    That's exciting Beryl! Which category did you book? Better not to book a guaranteed cabin on this one? I figured it would be best to book a specific cabin on the right side of the ship since it's traveling north. I've never been on a cruise, would you consider this a good cruise for a first-timer? The only thing that's stopping me from booking right at this moment is that I need to lose 20-30 pounds first (per hubby, this would be my reward for losing the weight!). I've been dreaming of a cruise for 20+ years (Love Boat days). What's your best guess as to see increases in price?

  4. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    Hi Mrs T! Book the cruise and then go on your "food program"! By the time you cruise you should be well on the way to changing your eating habits, losing the weight, and being a more healthy person. And you will have a wonderul cruise to look forward to while you do all of that!

    We have booked a guarantee category on this cruise. I have cruised north to Alaska twice and for this trip I really don't care which side of the ship I'm on. It was more important to me just to have a mini suite. Don't forget that on the return from Ketchikan the "other" side of the ship will be facing land.

    I don't know if I would consider this the "best choice" for a first timer but I don't want to put you off either. I think that when most people think of cruising they think of blue Caribbean waters, sunshine and steel bands. You will not find that on this particular cruise. In May you can expect pretty cool temperatures (read cold) while at sea and possibly wet and cool in the ports as well. Seas might even be a bit rough. On the positive side, all my research shows the Island Princess to be a very nice vessel, the ports are extremely varied and interesting and the bonus is 2 Alaska ports and almost a full day in Victoria.

    At least one TA that I know of is having the special $100 deposit per person on Princess Cruises this week. It is a fabulous opportunity. Check your Private Message if you want to know who is offering this deal! Hope to see you onboard!
  5. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Beryl, that is a very good sumation of what to expect on this cruise and good, sound advice too. :thumb

    I've been on the Coral and my good friend, on the Island, and we both thought they are beautiful, well-planned out, intimate ships. Really our favorites now! :thumb
  6. MrsT

    MrsT Guest

    Thanks, Beryl, for all the wonderful information. I'm so tempted to book, but better wait, even if the deposit prices go up---would be just as nice seeing a smaller final payment amount. If it appears that the mini suites are filling up or going way up in price, shoot me a private message!

    Although a Carribbean cruise in the middle of winter has crossed my mind as a first cruise (as we live in North Dakota) my hubby and I aren't likely to snorkel or be on the beach all day. I have checked shore excursions---there are several land tour options we could go on.

    I was attracted to the ports and price of this cruise--just barely over $110 per person per day in a mini suite (taxes & fees included). A lot of cruises I've looked into were a lot more money just for inside cabins. We spent more $$ per person per day on our recent road trips! Also, I grew up about 50 miles south of San Francisco and it's been 17 years since I've been there so that would be a neat place to visit. Having a taste of Alaska and from what other people I've heard say about Vancouver makes the itineray even more appealing. It wouldn't bothered me if the weather was on the chilly side--It couldn't be much cooler than the tundra here.
  7. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    MrsT! Be sure to let me know if you decide to book. I would love to meet you and have a chance to chat!
  8. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    Me too I booked the Island with Beryl, well not with Beryl but at the same time. :lol
  9. MrsT

    MrsT Guest

    Beryl & Colo Cruiser, Did you book a hotel room for the night before? Which one? And if you don't mind me for asking....price? Will you be taking a taxi to the port or is there a shuttle?

    I'm pretty excited that as this moment I can book frequent flier tickets for my hubby & I. That's really a plus because we are only served by one airline (NWA) and to fly to Los Angeles and return from Vancouver would be $500 pp, so saving $1000 there would be awesome.

    Sorry about all the edit posts---I do the preview and just don't seem to find anything wrong!!
  10. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I'm still debating whether to go day of cruise or day before so haven't booked a hotel room just yet. We will be flying to Los Angeles from Vancouver so it's really just a question of what we think might be more convenient. If I do decide to fly in the day prior we will probably stay near the airport or at the Coast Hotel Long Beach. From the Coast Hotel we would use a taxi to get to the pier in San Pedro. I don't think it is too far. Consider using Super Shuttle from LAX to Long Beach.

    If we stay out at the airport (which we will do if we arrive late the day prior) I will probably rent from Enterprise at the airport and we will drive down to the pier the next day and drop the car at Enterprise. The Enterprise location in San Pedro is right across from the pier and they will shuttle you over. Very convenient but you do have to make sure you arrive prior to noon as that is when their office closes on Saturday!!!!!

    Sounds to me like you're planning to book this cruise!! :grin
  11. MrsT

    MrsT Guest

    I'm seriously considering this. For the heck of it I went to CruiseCompete. Received three quotes already. One was asking tons of money for a minisuite (AC) and said the ship is nearly sold out but offered to give $100 stateroom credit. Personally, I don't believe the ship is nearly sold out. I've been researching the various cruise websites & I know that that there are at least six mini suites left, and several other cabins available in several other cabin categories. Another quote said mini suites not available, and a third quote was about the same money, or a few dollars less than what I saw on some other cruise websites.

    I just checked my calendar at work, and I already have an important meeting scheduled during that week! I should be able to get out of that one though. Mother's Day is the during the cruise also. I'm only a mother to a standard poodle, but I usually like to spend the day with Mom. I can't afford to bring her with on this one!! She's already indicated that she has no desire to cruise anyway. I'm sure we'll be able to celebrate Mother's Day a day or two late.

    One more thing, this cruise leaves Los Angeles on May 6. It's a 9-nighter, so passengers would have to depart the ship on May 15? Just wanting to confirm this (in case I book my flights)!
  12. Beryl

    Beryl Guest

    I'd be interested in knowing which sites you are finding availability on. I usually check travelocity, cruise411 and icruise.com and can't get availability to show on any of them. Orbitz is showing availability in other categories but none in suites or mini suites. I don't know about mini suite availability but I do know that there were no full suites available since ages ago!!

    If you see a cabin and a price you like I would book it!! Even if you have to cancel before final payment at least you would know you had space onboard.

    Yes, you will spend 9 nights onboard meaning you will get off the ship in Vancouver on the morning of May 15th!
  13. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    We are going a day early, I wont ever take that chance again. We are staying at the Coast Long Beach Hotel for $109 @ night. A very good price. we will probably take a taxi from Lax to the hotel and a taxi to the port from the hotel.

    I would much rather do the taxi to the port as it is only about 6 miles. I dont think there is a shuttle for the hotel.

    We have sailed the Island before and are leaving in 12 days for the Island as well on another coastal. It and the Coral are fantastic ships, great size and design.
  14. MrsT

    MrsT Guest

    Honesty, bestcruises.com had availability even during my lunch hour today, but I too just checked & not any more. They had a price of $972 pp (including port charges & tax) for a minisuite. I believe the exact cabin #s were D601, D602, D603, D604.

    cruises.com had their price for a minisuite at $999 pp but no more.

    cruisevaluecenter.com had minisuites for $949 pp but no more.

    The quote of $953 pp from cruisecompete is looking very good right now. Because of my personal situation here, more than likely I'll have to pass on this one for the time being. Now I know though, if it looks like a great deal, grab it!!

    Changing the subject, didn't Princess offer 5 night Carribean trips RT from Galveston? Everything I see for 2006 is for 7 nighters.

    Would you think that somebody's just put a hold on all the minisuites & higher?
  15. Colo Cruiser

    Colo Cruiser Guest

    I have never seen 5 day Princess out of anywhere except maybe a 1 time coastal. You might have seen Carnival or RCCL offer 5 dayers. You might want to grab a cabin and deposit it soon as I think it will start selling out as unique as the trip is. Would hate for you to miss out. There will be a lot of cabins on hold until final payment is due in late January. You dont loose anything by holding a cabin under deposit.

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