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=? What would your ONE request Be =?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Einstein, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    To Norwegian to make your cruising experience with them a notch better than it currently is???

  2. Knotbored

    Knotbored Guest

    Transport baggage to the airport for flights leaving more than 3 hours after docking. Transport baggage to the ship from airport when embarking is delayed.

    I was stuck at Bush International airport from noon till 5:30 awaiting transportation to Norwegian Dream Jan 13. The docking had been delayed due to fog (not NCL fault.) The NCL representatives were very kind but totally uninformed as to cruise ship status. Note there is no seating for a large group at the baggage claim area and we were not allowed to leave baggage unattended. About 100 customers sat through this situation, including several (well behaved) young children.

    My flight home after the cruise was at 5:30PM and I was unable to change my tickets (purchased through NCL) from bus transport to the shopping tour to kill time in Houston. STORING BAGGAGE AT A SECURE NCL ROOM AT AIRPORT would aLLOW ME TO TAXI AWAY FROM AIRPORT AND AVOID THE NUISANCE OF KILLING THE TIME FROM DISEMBARKING TILL FLIGHT TIME.
  3. Knotbored

    Knotbored Guest

    I am a smoker, as about 15% of cruise customers.
    On Norwegian DREAM there was smoking allowed everywhere on deck outside as well as at leaste one bar area.
    This placed smokers within groups of non-smokers and made the siituation intolerable for both groups. Sympathetic smokers trying to avoid blowing smoke at others have no place to congregate, and non-smokers have no smoke-free place to go. (this included smokers avoiding smoke around their children.)
    Also on this ship (DREAM) the ashtrays secured near doorways did not trap ashes durring wind conditions, and personal size ashtrays were never available early mornings, and seldom cleaned up after becoming full.
    Suggested solution: establish a small smoking area (suggestion the aft deck 8) and disallow smoking elsewhere. This would satisfy everyone.
  4. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    I agree some weather decks areas on the Dream should be reserved for non smokers. But I don't think the small area aft on Deck 8 is large enough for either smokers or non smokers, or convenient enough. Instead, I prefer what you'll see on many other cruise ships, a port and starboard division.

    All the public spaces, restaurants and bars, on Deck 9 was non smoking. Non smokers seemed to favor this locale for late night partying, while smokers seem to favor the deck 10 public spaces.

    To suggest the entire ship was open for smokers is exaggerating.
  5. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    Look closely around both Houston's airports. There aren't any places to store your bags. That design feature in all American airports is intentional, for security reasons. Two other cruise lines, and two other ships, sail from Galveston. So we're not talking about one storage location, we're talking about three.

    The FAA and Homeland Security don't care how inconvenient it was. Weather delays occur all the time. It wasn't NCL's fault.
    If the buses weren't busy moving passengers and bags from the ship's late arrival to the airport, I'm sure the NCL representatives would have allowed you to store your bags on the bus. Besides, they really aren't NCL representatives, they really work for the bus contractor. That's why they were uninformed, cause they don't work directly for NCL.

    Being stuck with bags at airports is normal in today's world. Get use to it, or find another way to travel.
  6. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Ron/Don, our new member Knotbored was referring to the outside decks only, not the entire ship.

    But, back to the topic at hand.

    As a long-time cruiser on NCL as well as other lines, I thought long and hard about the question posed by Einstein, above. Sure, there have been many changes by NCL over the years, some good, some not-so-good. But I can live with them.

    Yet, I can honestly say that there is only one item on my wish list--for NCL to build a new ship in the 50K-60K ton range. While I thought Norwegian Jewel beautiful, I still long for the smaller, more intimate ships to complement the large newbuilds. JMHO.
  7. RE: Smoking.
    Fine, you want to smoke and they tell you to smoke outside yet I didn't see one place to throw a cig butt when your done other then over board so the dolphins can eat them! They tell you not to do that for fire reasons yet they take no precautions for the handling of them once your done smoking.
    As for the bar where you can smoke..if you do not smoke you'll die in there. (at least on the Spirit) as there is no venting system.
    If your comming/going from NYC port or an Alaska cruise you'll freeze outside trying to get your puff on!
  8. whopper65

    whopper65 Guest

    Upgrade the quality of food at the main restaurants - higher grade entrees, fresher desserts. Fancy names disguised common foods. Only good desserts were the ice cream, but rather limited selection of flavors. Appetizers were minuscule.
  9. either lower the price of drinks or allow us to bring at least a small bottle on board. Will that happen? Nope, they are going the opposite way, all lines are starting to limit or forbid any booze brought on by passengers. Nmnita
  10. cruisebuddy

    cruisebuddy Guest

    My one wish for NCL:

    Remove optional formal nights. Yes, we packed our formals/tux for the usual 2 formal nights on a 7-day NCL Jewel cruise last November. We felt like we were the only ones who actually dressed formally. NOt many others at all and I HATE that! Foraml night is one of the traditions of cruising, but is going by the wayside.

    If you don't like formal nights, NCL is for you!!!
  11. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    [quote Lisa63]
    With that, I'll agree. I like the smaller size ships too. If NCL was to refurbish and rebuild the interiors of the SS United States, a very big if I know, it'll probably will only reach 60K tons, without adding additional decks but expanding upon the existing decks. As it is, it's 50K tons. Now, that would be cool.X(

    Since my last reply on this thread, NCL has changed it's smoking rules aboard all of its ships. Here's NCL's new smoking policy:

    We want you to be comfortable on board, so public areas throughout all NCL ships are smoke free. If you smoke cigarettes, you can do so in your stateroom, on your balcony, in the casino or Cigar Bar (where available). If you prefer pipes or cigars, you can smoke in the Cigar Bar or designated smoking lounge. Also, you can smoke cigarettes, pipes and cigars outside on open decks (just not around food venues, sport decks, kids’ pool areas and other designated non-smoking areas).

    The change prohibits smoking in additional locales aboard their ships, all the inside bars and lounges except one. The Cigar Bar on most ships may be able to seat a handful of smokers. Outside, NCL has restricted more areas as well.

    Smokers will still be able to smoke cigarettes in their cabins, their balconies, the casino, and on open decks.

    So, NCL is listening to those who want more smoking restrictions.

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