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What you MUST BRING and what you MUST NOT BRING?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by EAP325, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. EAP325

    EAP325 Guest

    What are the things you brought to your cruise, that was helpful and also things that weren't helpful? example like (money, travel iron and power strip)
  2. pnorth

    pnorth Guest

    the power strip I never used. I have a cpap machine and it plugged into the outlet by the table. We didn't use a hair dryer, but there was an outlet in the bathroom too. Didn't take travel checks, just used the little cash for tipping and the plastic for all esle. Be sure to take two bathing suits. I personally hate putting on a wet suit.
  3. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    bring twice as much money and half as many clothers as you think you will need.
  4. mardaho

    mardaho Guest

    definitely needed the power strip
    bring an illuminated clock radio...very dark at night
    take out 1/2 of your clothes (you wear your swimsuit most of the time)
    bring 2 swimsuits
    a light jacket or sweater...the showrooms get cold
    can coolers...if your are a beer drinker ..this keeps em cold longer
    mix and match dinner outfits...we never kept them on longer than 2 hours so bring
    a couple of skirts, capris and tops and mix and match
  5. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    A backpack for shore excursions. It made it alot easier to carry all that stuff. Didn't use over the door shoe thing. There was plenty of storage space.
  6. MandyBear

    MandyBear Guest

    I second Camelia!! Definitely twice as much cash, half the clothes!

    For 8 day cruise I brought five sport tops and five skirts (I am into the sporty look of a sport exercise tank in a bright color, and a mid-thigh sport skirt - so that was my basic wardrobe) - I literally could have made the whole trip with just three tops and three skirts, also brought tennis sneakers, ankle socks, etc. Then of coures the formal attire, and two sun-dresses for the dining room.

    Definitely two bathing suits.

    Here are my top suggestions:

    BACKPACK (i use a mountainsmith lumbar pack that also converts to a sling pack or backpack - great for roaming on shore and stashing your souveniers)

    ID CARD CARRIER - I bought a clear plastic carrier at wal-mart for $1. It is clear, for our next cruise I'd like the same thing but not clear . It goes around your neck, but can easily be tied to a belt loop and slipped down your shorts or in your pocket. It was great for walking around the ship, easily accessible. We used this off the ship as well, my DH wore it around his neck, under a t-shirt.

    WATER BOTTLE - we had a little water bottle that was used frequently, you can fill it up with ice tea, juice, etc at the drink station on the lido deck restaurant.

    SUNSCREEN - cheaper buying it at home and taking it with you.



    These are the items I used daily, along with the basics toiletries of toothbrush, etc.

    Have a great trip!!
  7. MandyBear

    MandyBear Guest

    OH YES I SHOULD ADD _ RE: The ID CARD CARRIER - on board you can get a ID cord for free at the casino. They'll punch a hole in your card and slip it onto the cord. They're nifty little card cords.
  8. urkler3

    urkler3 Guest

    I wished that I had warmer clothes for sleeping!! I had a light jacket for dinner/shows each night , but was always cold in our room.
  9. "twice as much money and half as many clothes"


  10. lainie

    lainie Guest

    "twice as much money and half as many clothes"

  11. Bring a light jacket - sometimes the interior rooms get quite chilly at night!

    Also - bring your appetite! :D
  12. Shoot, we packed 2 suitcases, one his and one hers and I only had a couple of items not worn. We wore bathing suits and shorts/shirts during the day and dressier clothes at night.

    Items I didn't need...my medicine cabinet that I packed!!
  13. olivia

    olivia Guest


    Reading the tread about rooms cold at night, Has anyone sailed on the Glory
    and are there rooms cold, it would be great to know not to bring a skimpy night gown
    I imagine we can not regulate the air in the cabins??

  14. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    One of the best things we ALWAYS pack for ANY trip is long bed clothes for my bride. Takes so VERY LITTLE room and always handy.
  15. Bring a nice sweater for dinner, dining rooms are very cool, especially with a sunburn!
  16. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    You can adjust the vent in the ceiling, yourself. Just move the lever. If you're not sure just ask your cabin steware he or she will show you,
    Happy crusing!
  17. Nikki75

    Nikki75 Guest


  18. EAP325

    EAP325 Guest

    Thank you all. What about a travel iron? What about something to hold your money in when your on the excursions, so it doesn't get wet?
  19. eap325...the docs that you get from Carnival say no irons, but I've heard people bring them.
  20. VictoriaJ

    VictoriaJ Guest

    Ditto on the Twice as much money ...and double ditto on the clothes.
    .I think I brought enough clothes for the entire summer!!... I had one sweatshirt and a nice black sweater...Wish I had another sweater or light blazer because the ship cold..(well, I'm always cold anyway) I always had a sweatshirt tied on my waist during the day so If I went inside I would not freeze...

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