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Whatever has happened to the formal in formal night??

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by sheilauk, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    Just got off the Voyager and was extremely disappointed in the lack of effort by the gents on the two formal nights. On the next table there were men in just short sleeved shirts - no jackets. I would say there were barely half of the men wearing dinner jackets. If you dont want to dress up then go to the Windjammer!! Royal Caribbean should not let people into the dining room on formal nights in short sleeved shirts or even long sleeved shirts. Formal night should mean formal night. What a load of scruffs! This is actually my seventh cruise with RC and i have to say the service on this ship was not good and the food was very bland.
  2. Rubysky

    Rubysky Guest

    All of the mainstream lines are going to the dogs on formal night. It just isn't what it used to be. I wish they would enforce a dress code instead of giving a guideline and then not bothering with it.
    I also wish they would issue an Emily Post book with the docs, but that is a whole different story.
  3. frito

    frito Guest

    Folks, it's all about " me " now. It's " my " vacation, so I'll do as I please-- no matter that I knew going in that on a couple nights out of 7 that I was expected to dress halfway decent in the dining room--- no matter that I knew I could dress down if I couldn't halfway dress up, and eat in the buffet. No matter-- it's my vacation and I'll do as I please.
    It's the ME generation. I want to do as I want, break all the rules and expect everyone to bend to suit me.
    Haven't we come a long way in th last few years ??
  4. gkrebs

    gkrebs Guest

    Hey dont forget, whats formal attire in one country is not necessarily formal attire in another. Example... formal attire for men in the Philippines is a Barong. It is a fancy short or long sleeve shirt and should have no jacket with it.

    Personnally this is what I will be doing on all formal nights on cruises in the future and will never have to worry about the tux or suit again.If someones says something, I will tell them I'm in formal attire,and that European/American formal attire is not the only formal attire in the world and walk away.
  5. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    hohummm...... remind me not to book on any cruises you might be on then Azbug. You are just being difficult
  6. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    There are lines that are strict about the dress code and there are lines that are not. Which is which is fairly well known. If the dress code is important to you, then book with a cruise line that does enforce the dress codes. As for RCI, it seems most of its passenger base is comfortable with a less formal formal night.
  7. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    Actually i havent ever experienced this with RC before and im coming up to my 10th cruise with them so that is why i was really so very disapointed with this particular cruise'S dress code. So i have to take it that RC is becoming more concerned with quantity than quality and their standards are slipping. The food was also poor except for Portofino. Although the menu was the usual RC menu the food was sloppy and tasteless and in some cases the bread was stale. I have never been on another cruise line and i would like to hear of those cruise lines whose standards arent slipping. Maybe its time we change......disappointingly
  8. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    Hello Sheilauk,

    If you looked around on your Royal Caribbean cruises and saw that MOST people were dressing formally, then don't let someone else's interpretation of that change what you think.

    Those people that want to dress casually will see only the few people who break the rules, and ignore all the tuxes and suits, and long gowns. They will see only what supports the way they WANT things to be, not the way they are. And they will use that distorted vision to support a claim that the lack of formal dress is accepted... It's not.

    Unfortunately the few rule breakers breed more rule breakers, just by the bad example they set. So sadly the numbers of people exhibiting inappropriate dress at formal diner, are increasing. If they don't want to dress formally, why on earth they choose to attend a formal function, where formal attire is stipulated, I will never understand.

    I will also never understand the "It's my vacation, I will devalue other people's event if want too." attitude. They are saying " I will make everyone elses vacation, the lesser thing that I want to have. I don't care what they want, not what they paid for, nor what I agreed to when I booked a vacation that includes a formal night."

    I wish they would realise that our vacation includes a formal night. The vacation that DOES NOT include a formal night is occuring up on the LIDO deck. They need to go there ! And I wish the cruise line's would stand by the rules they set, and insist on it.

    As for AzBug,

    If you are a man native to the Phillipines, then perhaps you have a claim to wearing a Barong. Barongs are quite fancy, like a long lacy woman's blouse. I see no problem with Scots men wearing their national formal dress, which includes a kilt. SO I don't think I should object to a Phillipino man wearing his own national formal dress.

    So IF you are Plillipino, I say go for it. Although you may find yourself spending your evening explaining that this is really is the formal wear of your country. (Because Barongs only seem to LOOK formal when all the other fellows around are wearing them too). That could get kind of annoying for you after awhile.

    But, on the other hand, if you are NOT Phillipino. then I fear you will not only look underdressed, you will also look like a man wearing a lady's blouse.
  9. cruisebuddy

    cruisebuddy Guest

    Amen and Amen! My advice to someone who doesn't want to be "bothered" with formal nights? Sale on Norwegian! Last fall we sailed aboard the NCL Jewel. Absolutely gorgeous ship! Problem? Optional formal nights. We felt like we were outcasts since we dressed appropriately for formal night. We won't be sailing NCL any time soon.

    Formal night is one of the most storied traditions in cruising, and I am so sad that it is being abused. We were on the Majesty three weeks ago, and even during formal night, anything goes in the dining room. IMO, if you don't want to dress formally, then go to the buffet for dinner.

    And on a similar subject, RCCL needs to adhere to their so called dining room rules. I've seen alot of sloppy dressers dining in the dining room during dinner, totally abject to the attire rules. Attire is a very sore subject with my wife and I, as you can probably tell.
  10. allypad

    allypad Guest


    I hope that I don't have to cruise with you judgemental bunch! Is it really important how other people are dressed. Why can't you just enjoy yourself and not worry about what everyone else is doing. If you enjoy dressing up in formal wear - go for it! Why judge people who don't?? JMHO

  11. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    errrrrr Ally you are missing the point completely. There is a dress code on these ships for dinner in the main dinng room ie casual, smart casual and formal. It is not meant as an option it is a guide as to how you are to dress on these nights if you wish to dine in the main dining room. Im not judging anybody but formal nights are part of the cruise culture and if you dont wish to partake then eat elsewhere and stop spoiling it for everyone else. It kind of ruins the effect if youre in your long dress and jewellery and some idiot at the next table is in jeans and a short sleeved shirt. As i said before you are completely missing the point.
  12. allypad

    allypad Guest

    Apparently I am missing the point - because I can have just as nice of a time in my formal dress - even with the "idiot" dressed in blue jeans at the next table. I also enjoy dressing up on formal night - to get my photos taken, etc... I just don't get bent out of shape if someone doesn't - I can even have fun with people at my table in blue jeans and me in a formal gown. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one. Judge not lest ye be judged...

  13. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    oh dear......again if you dont want to partake in formal night EAT ELSEWHERE
  14. allypad

    allypad Guest

    OH MY - again, why can't you just live and let live???? I DO dress formally, but I don't get my panties in a wad if someone else doesn't! Don't you have better things to worry about than how other people DRESS for God's sake??
  15. frito

    frito Guest

    Ok, let's try to look at it this way :
    You know up front that a certain amount of decorum is expected on your cruise. One or two nights you are expected to dress halfway decent to enjoy a special night or two in the dining room. If you are one of the handful who purposely disregard that expected dress code and show up in cap, jeans, etc., then you are basically telling everyone that you don't give a sh#t about yourself or your fellow cruisers and you will damn well do as you please.
    In the real world, we all have to deal with people like this on a daily basis and most of us would like to see ,at least just for a night or two, everyone act mature, decent and leave the " me " attitude in the cabin for a few hours.
    If someone wants to call attention to the fact that they are uncouth, crude, uncaring, don't give a sh#t, etc., then they could go to the buffet naked--- that would get their message across even better !! :wave
  16. allypad

    allypad Guest

    I'm afraid I still don't agree with you - but to each their own. I don't get wrapped up in what other people do. As I said earlier - we all can just agree to disagree...
  17. diceareout

    diceareout Guest

    It does sound that this post is the "all about me" but it seems that the one's dressing up are more "the me's". Have you considered the fact that a white dress shirt may be the best that they have? Or maybe this is their first cruise and are not aware of formal nite. I went on a cruise and sent my tuxedo down to be pressed and the cruise line lost it--should I stay in my cabin because I cannot dress up. I paid my money for all the festivities on the ship and I will enjoy them no matter what. I am on vacation and I will do the activities that make me happy. Just because someone puts on a 3-piece suit does not make them a good person. Every convict wears a suit to his trial.
  18. sheilauk

    sheilauk Guest

    '''''I paid my money for all the festivities on the ship and I will enjoy them no matter what'''.

    Thats the 'me' attitude!.. to hell with everyone else is what some people think!

    This is not about being a good person or being a bad person or being a snob or whatever..........its just about following the cruise lines suggestions. After all surely you wouldnt go to a wedding, where it specifically says 'morning suits' on the invitation, in jeans and short sleeved shirt??! Enough said.....
  19. Gayle V

    Gayle V Guest

    Ignorance is no excuse and highly unlikely and the posters here obviously have no claim to it as an excuse. As the information is in the brochures, and on the web page, and in the docs, (which you are required to read) and clearly mentioned right here. And you still intend to underdress? That's not lack of knowledge.

    If you spend thousands on a vacation that specifically stipulates formal wear will be needed, then you need to consider the cost of a suit as part of the cost of the vacation you chose. If you can't afford a simple suit, then why on earth are you wasting so much money on a cruise ?

    And if the cruise line lost your tux then they should have provided one of their rentals for you to use, You should have spoken up. They have them onboard. (Not to mention they also should have reimbursed you the cost of the tux.)

    And that is not the situation being discussed, anyway, is it? We're talking about people choosing to disrespect their fellow passengers and chosing to devalue the entire formal experience for everyone, by dressing inappropriately for formal dinner.

    And I keep hearing people say that they personally don't care how the other people dress, nor do they understand why we do. As if understanding is a required component of following the rules.

    We want to experience the special formal evening we paid for. (And which you agreed to when booking the trip.) Why is it necessary for you to understand? Why can you not just do as you are supposed to do? Why can you not just do as you agreed to do? Why is it not enough for you to know that you ARE devaluing the the experience for others?

    And you do know this. You know it the only way you can know this, we said as much. Why is that not enough to stop you from ruining the experience we value?


    Here, let me make one more stab at making you understand:

    Suppose we all buy tickets to the big game (baseball, football, whatever sport you really love). You get to go to the game only once every year or two. Me too, I don't go much.

    I think I'll wear my huge straw hat, the one with the big wide brim. And I'll bring my umbrella for extra shade. I really don't much care if the lady in front of me brings one too. My pleasure will not be diminished if I can't see the playing field.

    I'll have plenty of fun anyway, talking to my girlfriends and eating hotdogs and beer and playing my broadway music really loud on my mini-boom box. I really don't understand why you want to hear those annoying announcements anyway. I don't listen to them. I paid for my ticket and I'm going to enjoy my day, my way.

    And I don't know why that guy behind me is complaining so much. The ushers at this park didn't stop me from bringing my hat and umbrella or radio, so clearly that means it's OK and that there's no reason for anyone to object. If they did't throw me out, than it's OK with everyone. Right? I mean I'm still having fun so he's gotta be having an OK time too. I just don't understand why he doesn't just let me enjoy myself.

    Do you get it now ? How about just a little ?
  20. cruisebuddy

    cruisebuddy Guest

    WOW indeed! I am in total agreement with sheilauk, and to diceareout, you're on the right track with me too. If a dress shirt is the nicest thing you have, by all means, wear it. But for those of us who enjoy the whole cruising experience, INCLUDING formal night (which is a tradition that dates back a long way), then please, at least wear that dress shirt and tie. I own my own tux, and my wife enjoys shopping for her gown before a cruise. We look forward to formal nights. That's why we do NOT recommend NCL with their "optional" formal nights.

    For those who think it's all about me, or shouldn't mind if the jerk at my table is wearing jeans on formal night, you are missing the boat. And hopefully it is the boat that I will be on!

    All jokes aside, I understand that some people may not have the means to wear something fancy (though they DID have the means to buy a ticket in the first place). All I ask is that you think about the whole mystique of cruising and just think of it as wearing your Sunday best. If not, respect those of us who DO follow the apparel suggestions and dine at the buffet.

    As a side note, and one that hasn't been addressed on this thread, if the cruiseline is going to establish a dress code (or suggestion, if you will), then ENFORCE IT! If the rules state that there are to be no shorts in the dining room at dinner, then enforce the rules. RC has been looking the other way lately, from what I have seen.

    PS- and don't even THINK you'll get away with overly casual attire at dinner on Cunard. NOt gonna happen!

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