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What's for din din?



There is a feel of fall in the air today. And maybe a bit of rain. Yesterday I put a big pot of sauce on started with pork, I made a tray of meatballs added those and let it blurp all afternoon. It is simmering again so later we will have Penne Pasta with my homemade sauce, meatballs and Garlic Bread.

What's cooking at your house today?


Well left over lasagna of course for me. but tonite i will cook some steamed veggies to go along with lasagna.

Cruise cutie

Baked Ham, Home - made Scalloped Potatoes, and corn.. and a diet tomorrow to boot!!.. it's time to go back to our low carbs.. but today is the last day for yummos.. so that's what's on the docket..

and NO yummo desserts in the house after today.back to sugar free jello jigglers,sugar free popsicles.. and popcorn, and blanched almonds, etc...

... I have to make oatmeal cookies and they best be out of here; by bed-time.... or I'll never be fit for my cruise wear!!.Pride is a terrible sin.. but it's what keeps me in lower sizes..:worried.. with my family genetics to be a size bigger, and bigger each year..I am vigilant.. if 12 pounds goes on..off it comes!!.good day, and good eats!!..:)..Joanne


I plan on being busy all day today with my dog and my friend and her dog, so last night I prepared a big batch of spaghetti sauce with meat. BIG batch. It is in the crock pot, and will be ready for tonight. Big enough batch to feed DD's friends. If they don't come over tonight, they will be over another night. Frozen and warmed up will be just fine for these guys


It seems to be a meat sauce/spaghetti kind of day around here! I will be making sauce with meat over penne for my dd. My dh and I will have it over spaghetti and I will add some cream and parm to the sauce. Garlic rolls to go with.

Joanne - I am coming over though - I love scalloped potatoes and never ever make them anymore. Yummy.



My din din will be some slices of baked chicken, some v8 juice and possibly some corn on cob(I know not carb free or a half baked potato.My appetite is very bad right now (Hooray) because of new medicine going to take me a while to adjust but hopefuly loose some lbs along the way


Hi, just got back from going out to eat with my sisters, and BIL....

DH is out on the boat, when he gets back, it's going to be the Chili I made yesterday for him......and I'm sure he's eating junk on the boat too.

I sure could go for some of that spaghetti that all of you are cooking up!


Tonight is Tortellini night. count me in as another cooking Italian tonight! Even my finicky eater will eat my Tortellini! :)


You all are making me hungry with the talk about crock pots, Italian food, food on the grill, etc. I'm not sure I can beat our Friday night feast at Red Lobster or last night going out for burgers at Portillos's. I wonder if we could thaw out some ribs?


LOL I am making spagetti sauce right now, but it is for tomorrow and one batch to freeze. Tonight is left over Chicken night. I made a garlic and lemon baked chicken last night and no one ate it! Squidward was at a friends house and Waterjedi ate MickeyD's on the way home from a trip. So it is left overs here! :)


My girlfriend had tried on 2 of the same tops Friday night when we went shopping and put the wrong one back. We HAD to go back tonight and exchange it. It's a sparkly top for our cruise in THREE WEEKS! Our DH's took us. :)

For dinner we had Culver's Snackpak's - burger, fries and a drink for $2.99. Really yummy! We then had to have Culver's frozen custard for dessert.


It is almost 9:30 here and I have not even thought about dinner. I guess I had better go do that. I am a night owl and will be up for 6 or 7 hours still, so I can eat this late. Steak sounds good, but a lot of trouble. Microwave dinner again, I guess.


Nothing very interesting here. I had a Lean Cuisine "panini" (should be panino). Actually tasted pretty good - the filling was very similar to a beef fajita filling. First time I tried it.


:chef Din Din is at a friend's home. It is birthday and he is Greek.'
There will be many many salads, beautiful dips AND a whole sheep done on
the spit. Dessert is ice-cream Birthday cake, Tiamarsu(sp/) and many
greek pastries.

Then I get to drink weak tea and dry crackers for the rest of the week.lol