What's included, what's not in the Celebrity fare?



I’m currently helping -- with some other writers -- to write a guide to cruising. The chapter I’m working on currently is:

What is included in the price of my cruise ticket? Hidden Cruise Costs

Besides the general things (cabin, food, etc) that are common to most of the cruiselines, I’m researching what each of the majors charges. So I’m checking the lines’ sites and other resources, but I figure you guys will be a great source of info, too.

So, if you’ve cruised on Celebrity lately, I would appreciate it if you can tell me free or fee. Also if you get certain items for free if you’re a "Captain's Club" Member. You don't have to tell me how much if it's a "fee."
1. Beverages: sodas, lemonade, hot chocolate, cocktails (the last at Captain’s parties, etc)

2. Speciality Restaurant cover charges

3. Speciality foods, ice cream, etc.

4. Internet use

5. Laundry

6. Sports on board (golf, etc)

7. Activities (crafts, what else has a fee???) – not counting horse racing, bingo, casino

8. Children’s program, in port kid-sitting, equipment (cribs, strollers, etc.)

9. Holiday freebies

10. In-cabin refrigerators

11. Special programming on in-cabin TVs, VCR/DVD loans

12. Special occasions (e.g. birthday cake)

13. Use of the gym, exercise classes

14. Enrichment classes

Thank you so much.


Just came back from Century two weeks ago and also sailed on Infinity to Alaska.

1. Beverages:
There is a charge for sodas. (unlimited soda package $40 for a 7 night cruise)

Lemonade etc. is free. When returning to the ship from shore excursions in the caribbean they meet you before boarding the ship or tender with cold fruit punch and ice water. Cold towels for your face too, nice touch.

Hot chocolate is free for the most part. When returning to the ship from shore excursions in Alaska they meet you before boarding the ship with hot chocolate. On the day you go to the glacier you can purchase a stainless steel travel mug of hot chocolate for about $4. Refills are free unless you want a shot of booze added.

Cocktails are not free except at the Captain’s reception. $9 Martini tasting is well worth it. Free champagne at the art auction. Free champage when first boarding the ship.

One disappointment was a charge for cranberry juice, even at breakfast.

2. Speciality Restaurant cover charges $30 per person on Infinity

3. Speciality foods, Soft serve ice cream free, specialty ice cream charge. Sushi free. Specialty coffee at cova cafe, charge.

4. Internet use, charge.

5. Laundry, charge but not overly expensive and well worth it

6. Sports on board... I believe there was a charge for the golf simulator, but not positive.

7. Activities: don't recall a charge for any activities.

8. Children’s program, in port kid-sitting, equipment :?

9. Holiday freebies :?

10. In-cabin refrigerators: charge for items in the mini bar, we usually ask our steward to empty it and we use it as a refrigerator for items we have purchased on shore.

11. Special programming on in-cabin TV, I believe there were pay per view movies but I don't watch TV on a cruise so not positive.

12. Special occasions: Only Carnival charges for this.

13. Use of the gym is free. There is a charge for exercise classes. No charge for Aqua Spa on Millennium class ships but there is a charge for Aqua Spa on the smaller ships.

14. Enrichment classes :?


Michael, can you clarify item 12? We wanted to have a cake for our anniversary, but were told it would be $35. We decided to pass on the cake.


There is no charge for the standard "celebration" cake at your dining room table. This is small one layer rectangle choclate cake with candles that is delivered by your waiter with other waiters from your dining area and your asst. maitre'd singing. You get this by letting your waiter know that you have a brithday or anniversary.
The $35 fee for a cake is for a personalized layer cake
Celebrity also charges for a room decoration package.
Hot chocolate is free in the dining areas and room service, but there is charge for it in the Cova. The same for tea.


Thanks, Michael and Dayatsea. We'll speak to the waiter, and see if we can get a small free cake. On our 11/03 Horizon cruise, they were even able to accommodate the fact that Joe is allergic to chocolate; but we figured that the $35 charge was imposed after that cruise.