Whats The Catch??



I am new to Princess, only have experience with RCCL and Celebrity . I have been researching prices on line for the Star Princess, for Nov. of 2004. I am seeing a mini-suite on the emerald deck for almost $2000.00 cheaper than a mini-suite on the dolphin deck. The cabins on the emerald deck ($838.00pp) are at the rear of the ship (aft?).and the ones on the dolphin deck ($2736.00pp) are mid ships.

Are the aft cabins more prone to noise....vibration....pitch and roll... locusts??

Whats The Catch?


Hi Buster,
I think there are at least two reasons: The emerald deck is the lifeboat deck, and while there are no lifeboats directly in front of the minisuites, they are nearby and would probably impact your view to the sides. (You have to decide if that bothers you based on your itinerary and personal style) Some folks may like the (relative) privacy afforded by that, too. As for the back 'o boat concerns, I sailed on the Star on the Baja deck, (B705) which is 2 levels above the Dolphin and was surprised by all the engine noise, especially considering the pricier suites are located there. Every time we docked I was awakened by the engines. The rest of our party was forward, on the Dolphin and Baja (4 cabins total) and they did not report any noise problems. That said, if you can snag an Emerald minisuite for only $800 pp, I would grab it in a heartbeat before it sells out.

Happy Sailing!

(But double check your pricing, my search just now shows that cat AA-AD are all generally selling for the same price, ~ $1000 right now on Nov. 14 sailing; $838 is still a good deal, but $2000+ seems high)

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Hey busterbaggs, Hello from someone devoted to =love Princess Cruise Lines..If I had a chance of booking I'd grab it..Have fun!!!..:)..Joanne