What's the cheapest you can remember paying for a gallon of gas?


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Wow, you guys have cheap gas! Crazy, too, because we have several major gas refineries right here in the East Bay, including Chevron.


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I am not sure what it cost - I had a '65 Mustang (would kill to have it now!) and used to go and get $2 or $3 worth of gas at a time. That would have been in 1968. OMG, I am old.

Gas here is still $3.86. I don't think releasing that gas from the reserves will make much difference as it is the amount we use in one day here in the states.

I know the price of gas and diesel is really hard on farmers. Can't believe our fuel bill every month!


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14¢ a gallon, during a price war, in Denver. But I worked at a gas station at the time so I paid our cost which was 9¢ a gallon.


Okay boB I can almost match you remember lots of 10 cent gas in the old 46 chevie I drove around-course everyone contributed to the gas fund of who ever was driving and sometimes it was just a few pennies but eveyone helped.


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It was hay and oats back in my day - to feed the horses drawing the buggies.

Seriously, I don't remember. Gas was in the 20-30 cents range as far back as memory serves, and I recall the outrage if one station raised its price by one cent per gallon. I first obtained my drivers license in 1960 (or 1958?).


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It was 16 cents per gallon during a gas war one summer. I drove a red Plymouth Sport Fury with a 440 cubic inch engine that could outrun anything around, and the gas mileage was lousy. Of course, we didn't worry about such mundane things back then! Now gas is $3.38 per gallon so I only run errands a couple times a week.


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I paid $3.69 today at Costco. I was amazed that it was so cheap! Haven't seen that for a long long time! That means around here, it's dropped about 55 cents /gal in 3 weeks. Nice!


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I remember the gas shortage. I spent a few months at my aunt and uncles in Indiana, right by the Ohio border. When the time came to bring me home they worried they would not find gas along the way and my uncle filled gas cans in his trunk. Thank goodness we didn't get hit from behind!


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I remember 19 cents for sure but I believe it was as low as 16 cents in the late forties. I drove a 1936 Plymouth coupe. As with others above, the stations were full service.


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Like others, I remember the full service stations (I believe NJ still requires all stations to be full service?). Then, I remember a period of time when you paid one price/gallon for cash, and another for credit card.

Let's see...how do I post this to be PC?! I was in Geneva on a business trip at the time of the embargo in the 1970's. I could see certain nationalities strutting around the lobby of the hotel holding fist-fulls - literally fist-fulls - of U.S. Dollars and peeling off large denomination bills as if they were play-dough to pay for items in the restaurants, stores, person-to-person. I know the disgust and furor on my face had to have been obvious.

When I was in graduate school, a friend bought a 1963 Ford Mustang convertible in metallic green - my favorite car color. I loved that car and was happy any time I was invited to go somewhere in it. I had always wanted a Mustang convertible, but for some reason, never got one. Now, of course, I need an SUV or SUV type because the height is easier for me to contend with.
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I drove a 57 Chevy, gas was 17.9 a gallon, and I use to get $2.00 worth once a week. I don't remember anyone paying with credit cards, but do remember driving around the W. side of cleveland looking for stations that gave away free stuff, my mother got a set of drinking glasses one year for Christmas.