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What's the thrill of a cruise?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by jester95008, May 26, 2004.

  1. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    What is your most exciting moment that you live for on a Royal Carribean cruise? For me , it was always the anticipation of walking across the gangway and not knowing what to expect when I got on board. That alone is a very exhillerating feeling and one you don't get everyday.
    What is the most exciting point for you?
  2. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    Well, the whole cruise :grin

    One of the most exciting parts for me, is at sailaway as the ship pulls away from the dock, and the whole cruise is ahead of you... I LOVE that feeling. :)
  3. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    My excitement begins when I wake up the morning I'm flying out to the port city. I love being on a plane....it means I'm going somewhere fun!

    But I agree with you.....the neatest part is when you are first walking on a ship you've never sailed before and you take your first look and.....WOW!
  4. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    ahh now you guys are getting me started.... ;) and here I still have to wait another 120 days! ugh... If I was Bill gates , I'd book at least 3 cruises per month just to get that exciting feeling that lizard is talking about (getting on the plane to fly to your port of call)
    You get that rush feeling in your chest , that 110% energy that you may not have gotten since you were a child waiting for Xmas.
    Call me crazy , but cruises to me are the only way to go , no hassles either about repacking all the time!
  5. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    I'm cheating..:grin..only been on Princess but have the October Group Mariner Cruise 2005 booked..But THE best feeling is approaching our new ship each time and seeing it up close and personal..It's home for the sailing and mine all mine..well sharing with the others but..:grin..the best feeling in the world that it's my whole world for that trip!!..DH and I =love that alone in the universe:couple feeling ,even though we sail with our best friends..even our 2 week Aruba land cruise cannot beat the "here she comes feeling" seeing our ship brings..:lol..:daisy..Joanne
  6. Terrimcc

    Terrimcc Guest

    I'm with Jester, walking across the gangway and seeing the ship. We are booked on the Empress in Jan. 05 and I can't wait to see her. Terri
  7. John

    John Guest

    All of the Above.. :)
  8. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    1. Driving east towards port canaveral, and when you reach the highest point of the bridge just before the port, all of a sudden the cruise ships appear before you.

    2. Walking across the gangway.

    3. Pulling away from port.

    The whole cruise is great, but those 3 moments make my heart beat twice as fast.
  9. megamind

    megamind Guest

    I guess it is different when you live close to the Port. We have driven around all the ships, and, watched them sail away. The thrill to us is to watch the sun go down from the balcony while enjoying a frozen thingee. The other thrill is to fool around on the balcony.

  10. Grasshoppa

    Grasshoppa Guest

    Not only do I get a thrill out of sailing but one of my biggest thrills that I get is in the planning. Everything from selecting a ship to sail on and which itinerary, to learning every little tiny detail about the ship beforehand. I think I read just about every cruise review posted for our recent journey on Explorer. I bought the 'Making of Voyager' DVD and watched it several times (much to my kids hatred!). Spent many a sleepless night reading travel books and magazines on the caribbean. I guess I'm just one of those people that are obsessive planners! : )

    I think I knew every square inch of the ship before we stepped on across the gangway but was left speechless the first time that I saw the promenade from the forward stairway looking aft. Wow, hard to beleive that that is in the middle of a ship!
  11. LindaInCT

    LindaInCT Guest

    I love when I get my first picture taken! "The Welcome Aboard" shot! :wave Then I know I'm on my way!

    But, I get a thrill when you take your first step on the ship and it's like "I'm on the ship"!! :dance


    Nordic Empress 5/02
    Enchantment 5/04
    Sovereign 5/05
  12. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    oh this is great, you guys think just like me it seems. And for grasshopper , don't worry , your not alone , I'm obsessive about planning cruises as well. I don't take them often (1 time per year) but when I do , boy are those 4 months in between the time I book and walking down the gangway exciting!
    In the past I'd always get excited about going on Carnival , but this will be my first RCL cruise. My excitement for the last CCL cruise I went on wasn't as much of an adrenalin rush because I already knew everything about the ship(I'd been on it before) so this cruise on the Monarch should be a new experience for me. Everyone says how its a beautiful ship too.
  13. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    My fanatical cruise planning is always a year ahead, Im sad to say that by 6 months before the cruise, i am usually half packed.. and everyday I call my friend i cruise with and say "is it vacation time yet?"

    The thrill of the cruise... hmmm thats a good one...
    _ the thrill getting on the plane knowing that i dont have to go to work for the week.
    - eating lunch on the lido deck casue lets face it by the time you get on youre starving...
    -and last but not least, the absolute thrill of the cruise for me ... meeting all those new cruise addicts :) that youve been talking to for months, and exploring new places together.
  14. cruisegamer

    cruisegamer Guest

    On my first cruise and only cruise so far, I went to bed at sea and woke up to a bright green lush mountianside in Labadee. That was a truly exciting WOW moment.
  15. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    OH DARN! I hope someone asks this question after I return from my first cruise, so I can join in on the fun!

    But I know milestones now... walking up the gangplank I can think to myself OH, IT'S JUST LIKE THEY SAID!

    Watching from the ship as it pulls away from port, I'll be saying OOOH, AHHH, YUP, IT'S LIKE THAT!

    Coming back home, I'll say, YUP, GOT THE CRUISE BLUES. TIME TO BOOK ANOTHER ONE!!!
  16. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest


    Have a great time on your first cruise ever... I am addicted now, and work soley to pay for cruises :) This is my main concern for all my commision checks,,, when and where does not matter,, I try to book them 6 months apart to always have something to look forwarrd to ... you;ll have a blast.,, please take lots of pics, as I am on the monarch in january :)
  17. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    Well I guess the question here now is , when do you start getting anxious about your cruise.. For me , 30days and counting. Each day seems a touch closer. But when it gets there my expectations are always extremely high.
  18. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    Anxious,,,, ummm that would be , the minute i book it :) ofcourse....

    I always book a balcony guarentee, so atleast I am suprised to see when i get on the ship where i am and wether ive been upgraded or not.
  19. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    Yes Anxious is the word. I don't think any of us should be on cruise-addicts.com if we weren't anxious... I can tell you're also because you have 2 cruises booked , not just one! Wow!
    But the bottom line is if you sit and think about it , there aren't too many flaws in a trip like this. Anything you want is available . Food , opposite sex , food , walking , food , exercise , food , shows , food , alcohol , food , gambling , food, Las Vegas shows , oh and Food...
  20. Hucc

    Hucc Guest

    same sex available , too, for those who want it :lol :grin

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