What's the thrill of a cruise?



Jester95008,,, are you hungry??? Sounds like you eat alot on cruises :)

Just kidding... yeah you cant go wrong with a cruise... Ive done the All Inclusive resort thing, Id rather go see a few places in a week then sit at one resort the whole time,, I couldnt agree more.. you cant go wrong with a cruise :)

Food, opposite sex, liquor... its like college on a ship :)

Freddies Food Slave

Well, let me say that last year, we took a trip to the Florida Keys. Yep, we drove 13 hours to see that beautiful piece of the caribbean right here in the good ole US of A. Anyway, as we drove through Miami, we started seeing those gorgeous ships, stacked high just like sky scrapers. At that moment, my heart started to thump just about out of my chest and into the seat beside me. Then, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to board one of those ships! It was a sad, sad joke!


I drove across the Golden Gate bridge on Friday evening, and as I looked to my left, toward SF (I now live in the East Bay, but lived in SF most of my life) I saw a CRUISE SHIP! I wanted to stop the car and get out and stare, but alas, the other drivers would have thought me silly, so I didn't...


I cant wait,,, i still have so long to go... its driving me nuts... they need to put a cruise port in Atlantic City ( i only live 15 min from there) Id never be home :) id have to work for the cruise line :)


Hey Globug , I live in the bay area too! ha ha , oh that ship you saw was Celebrity cruise line


Jester, I wanted to drive right over to the pier, try to talk my way on just to breath on it, check it out, see the rooms... but it was the end of the day, I looked like a terrorist after a full week of the jokers I work with, and I was sure they would just toss me over the side of the pier! The teen would have liked that, but I had a weekend trip planned, and it didn't include a cruise ship.. alas...

Where in the bay area do you live? I live and work in San Pablo...


Hi, first timer here, my husband and I have been on two Princess cruises, and are currently booked on the Mariner on February 13, 2005 and for the first time we are bringing our children, we have 4, their ages are 18, 16, and our twin girls will be celebrating their 15 birthday on the cruise, this will be a birhtday they will never forget. Can anyone tell me what they might do for two beautiful birthday girls if we would let them know, I am only familar with the Princess line and they would present them with a cake and the waiters and jr waiters would sing to them ??????

Unfortunetly we can only afford a cruise once every four years, and this one is going to be a dooser, we are from Alberta,Canada and our air fares are more expensive than the cruise, especially down to Florida I envy you who can drive to the ports and just watch the ships pull in and sail away.

One of the thrilling things for me about cruising is the anticipation. Although I will totally agree with the others that the sail away is probably one of the biggest highlights, It always takes my breath away and I tend to remember the songs that are playing as we sail away. I love the anticipation we are also going to be sharing this wonderful expierance with another family who have never been on a cruise and I'm sure you all will agree with me they will be hooked on cruising as we all are. I can hardly wait to see the look on my childrens faces when we see the ship close up for the first time and walk that gangway.

As time goes on maybe I can figure out how to put a neat signature on my post or even those little happy faces. Can anyone give me a heads up on this.



Best part...............

Thinking about another cruise, planning the next cruise, going to the boards and posting a roll call, watching the port cam almost every day, counting down the days, making your hotel reservation for the night before, counting down the days, doing the doc dance, counting down the days, packing, driving to the port (in our case), checking in the hotel, counting down the hours, getting up at 5:30am to watch our ship come in to port from the hotel on the pier, counting down the hours, dressing for the first day and repacking luggage, counting down the hours, getting to the pier for checkin, counting down the minutes, giving bags to porter for checkin, counting down the minutes, checking in, walking the gangway, getting to the room, counting down the seconds, muster drill (even though it is a pain), getting a foo-foo drink and leaving the pier...............

Other than that, not much


Wow, all of the above for sure!. But for me the thrill starts as soon as I walk into the terminal bldg. At that point I know that what ever is behind me doesn't exsist for the next whatever amount ofdays I am aboard. No cars, no phones no thoughts of work, home or family problems.....nothing. I know that when I am aboard, the hardest decision I will have to make is.....one desert ot two :)
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING recharges my batteries like my time aboard a ship...Nothing.