What's the weather like today where you live??


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Yesterday it was blue skies and sun all day. A bit cold in the evening with 27F. During the night it snowed. We had 2-3 inches of that white thing in the morning. :bang:

I'm glad that I switched to winter tyres yesterday evening. It made my trip to the office a lot safer.



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Hi gang!! Remember me?? It's been way too long since I've posted on this thread that I started!!

Can't believe it's still up and running. Fantastic. :thankyou:for posting here and keeping it going.

Here in Detroit suburbs it's raining slightly and we're waiting for TORNADO and winds up to 65-70 mph. That's all the TV weather people have been talking about all morning. They love doom and gloom reports the best. :shrug:

Mbandy: How have you been. Still in Vegas??


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it is tues oct 11 this is the first time we have seen the sun in a week it has been very cold and windy also but all is calm now I hope it keeps it up I want to bar a que this week


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Here in Sweden we had just below 40F today, and sunshine all the day.

I can see that you who have had above 100F for a long time this summer are down to rather nice temperatures now (75-80F). Hope you are not freezing. :whistle: