What's the weather like today where you live??


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Sunny and 91F in the Phoenix metro area. The skies are blue and filled with jet contrails. Makes you dream and wonder where they took off from and where they're headed...

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Well, the temps went into the mid 80's today. That is about 14* higher than normal. And the temps overnight have been into the 70's.
This has kept the pool warmer than normal, but change is coming.

We have had very humid days, and it was followed by at least 3 tornadoes in our metropolitan area. This evening the cold front is moving in, and we should see 40's overnight, and low 60's tomorrow.

So I went outside as the sun was setting and took what will be the last swim of the season.

The sky was a light gray as we headed into sunset, with lots of darker gray clouds scurrying along. But they were tinged with that lovely red and golden shades reflected from the setting sun. The crickets and tree frogs were singing their song, and there was the rustle of wings as the birds went to roost in the trees that flank the pool.

I swam and relaxed.. and let the (hopefully) last mosquito of the year take a bite:duh: out of me before hurrying in.

I guess it is time to take out the sweaters and pack away the swimwear for another year.


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We have got some snow the last few days. Not too much (4-6 inches), but the temperatures are from 25F to 34F and it is very windy which means that the surface of the roads is like polished ice, very slippery.

This morning it was 27F. Probably some light snow today too, combined with heavy winds.



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Wow, the weather thread is back :sunny: I have been posting in it for over four years. I was just thinking about this thread the other day.

Sunny and 59 here in Vegas today. Supposed to be near 60 for the next couple of days.


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michael since I am heading to vegas on fri I hope the nice weather keeps up but the weather man says it is going to rain on the weekend
here in california it is very cold for us in the 50 and when we walk the dog in the morning it is in the it is in the 30