What's your dog's name, and how did he get it?


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When I first brought home my puppy home from rescue, his name was Chester. I sent my DD (who was away at college in SF) a picture of him. She said he looked like Kiefer Sutherland after a really bad hour on 24, so his name was immediately changed!

But as Kiefer's coat started coming in, I also thought he looked like Alton Brown when he was bearded...

So when I get mad at him, his full name is Kiefer Alton! And he knows he better obey when he hears his full name!

What is your dog's story?


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I found Zsa Zsa from a lady on Craigslist who rescued both her and her sister Eva. I'm sure you remember the Gabor sisters. I wanted to adopt them both but Eva was already spoke for by a school teacher. Ashley and I drove over an hour and a half after talking to the lady a few times on the phone. She sounded like the perfect dog for us and she was. She had a different name before the lady got her and I just felt like she had been thru enough with her name changed twice so we just left her as Zsa Zsa. She seems to fit her name and we call her different things depending on the mood or play. She's Zsa for short, often called Zsa Zsa Belle and ZZ when we write about her and don't want to spell it all out.

Since I have the granddog here with us tonight I feel I should mention her as well. Peanut is a Papillion. Ashley and her boyfriend named her Peanut after Jeff Dunham's character Peanut. She has a patch of fur that stands up on the back of her head. She's as goofy as Peanut too! We often call her Peanutty!

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Alf's 'shadow's' legal name is Miskela Starrheart Black Lace but we call her Lacey. She is a black/brown/white Sheltie now 5 years old.



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We have three furkids.

Bella is the oldest. We adopted her from a rescue but changed her name as we just went to see CATS on stage...so we named her Grizabella....Bella for short.

Then came along our Poodle/Bichon mix. We got him on President's Weekend so we named him George...which became Georgie.

Last but certainly not least is Louie...our Papillion, which is French for Butterfly...so we named him for King Louie....and Louie and Georgie just have a nice ring about it :sunny:


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Well, first there was Kato our Akita (on the left), he was named after the butler in all the Pink Panther movies.

Then we added Eddie, he came prenamed since he was from the breeders E litter. Eddie just seemed to fit somehow so we never changed it.

He was very tolerant.

A year after we lost Kato, we rescued Molly. She is named after Molly Weasley in the Harry Potter books (she is his friend Ron's mom).

We ended up putting a cat collar on her for a few weeks since she was so small.

Then last year, a year after losing Eddie, we knew we had to get another dog. Molly was beginning to flake out. So we got Sirius, named for Sirius Black, once again from Harry Potter.

The character in the book can change into a large black dog and while thought to be a traitor and murderer at first, proves himself to be loyal and Harry's protector.



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Isn't it funny how our furbabies come by their names?

After my cat Nickkie (I adopted him in the Christmas season) died at 19, I was looking for another cat. It took me years, but I knew the right cat would pick me out. One day I went to PetSmart for birdseed and they were having an adoption day. I saw a big fluffy cat and said OH OH! I knew. I asked to hold him, took him to the side, and had a serious talk with him. We agreed on many points, and he came home with me. Ironically, his name was Casanova, but they called him Cass. Gordon's brother Cass had died the previous week, so we knew we couldn't call him that, so we called him Kitten while we debated naming him Dobby. Kitten stuck, and to this day this 16 lb. cat is Kitten.


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Really enjoy seeing all the pet pictures. Well, currently we have Max & Maggie & I really don't remember how we came up with those names. The cats are Oreo (named by daycare kids) & Tiger.

Glo, I have to say that I do see that resemblance to Kiefer Sutherland that your DD mentioned!!!


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Here's Buddy. I let my husband name him, my mistake,no imagination. :shrug: Being a chocolate miniature pincher he should have been named something chocolaty, like Hershey.
I know you said Dog's name but I have never had a dog so I'll tell you about my Cat

Two years in a row I had to do the right thing and say goodbye to my cats - 1st Scamp and then Boots - both who lived to the ripe old age of 19. I said I did not want another cat, could not stand to go through that heartache again!

Then one day I was walking past a pet store window and there he was, a tiny little fur ball which turned out to be a Main Coon - one honking big cat! He just stared at me and my heart flipped!

I called him Nytro because Nitroglycerin starts your heart ... right? But then, since my name is spelled with a Y I had to spell his that way as well.

This is a cute thread, thanks.... I still can't believe Keifer has been with you almost 5 years!


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I love this thread. We have two dogs.
OK, Our boxer is named LOLA =London -Ontario -Late -Arrival.Where she was born. We picked out her parents at a dog show in Canada and when she was late on her birth date she was given the name. However her show name is "what Lola wants Lola gets" from an old song DH likes.
Ellis ( who is the best boy)His picture is at the bottom of the post.
His name is from puppy hood. When he was really little DH would refer to him as (LS) Little Sh*& in front of my mum.So LS became ELLIS.


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My four were all named by the rescue society - they give the dogs names of famous people and I never changed them.
1 - Cher 2- Jessica (Tandy) 3 - Lucy (Ball) and 4 - Sam (Elliott). When I was looking for no. 4 and saw Sam on the web site it was a done deal even tho I had 3 females I love Same Elliott actor and just knew it had to be. LOL All 4 get along great and I couldn't have a better group. Susan


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Have to share with you my new grandpuppy. DD Jen and her soon to be hubby Nate just got this Akita pup this weekend. His name is "Kumo" which means "cloud" in Japanese. Nathanael and Jack were so excited to come home from our cruise to this new family member!

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