What's your dog's name, and how did he get it?


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We have a little Shiatsu, the love of our life. She's now 3. I had aways had a girls name picked out however I ended up with two wonderful sons. There our little puppy had to be named Sarah. Quite appropriate as a young puppy she loved expensive shoes just like Sarah Jessica Parker lol


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My sweet little rescue is named Little One (or LO for short). My dd rescued him from her school and brought him to her house. They have 2 big dogs so Lillian named him Little one. Some people said that wasn't a good name for a dog but it really fits him and I couldn't change it because Lillian named him!

Below is little one, Joshua (6 months) and big sister Lillian at her 4th birthday party this past weekend!


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I don't have a dog but have cats. Confetti we got at a shelter. She was an adult cat when we got her so we felt it was hard enough on the poor cat all she been through so we didn't want to confuse her more and change her name. My little black cat I named baby. I found her in the woods in the middle of winter by my house. The name really fits her. she is a very small cat, wants to be held in my arms all the time and cries alot like a baby. Sweetie is another cat I found beside my house in winter. He just has the most sweetest face when you look at him.

Plus I have two outside farrell cats. One is black with four white paws so I call him Socks and the other cat is mostly all white so you guest it, I call him Whitie. I name my cats by their personality or looks.


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I love this thread. We have two dogs.
OK, Our boxer is named LOLA =London -Ontario -Late -Arrival.Where she was born. We picked out her parents at a dog show in Canada and when she was late on her birth date she was given the name. However her show name is "what Lola wants Lola gets" from an old song DH likes.
Ellis ( who is the best boy)His picture is at the bottom of the post.
His name is from puppy hood. When he was really little DH would refer to him as (LS) Little Sh*& in front of my mum.So LS became ELLIS.
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Nico Bin Ladin, Yorkshire Terrorist, you figure it out.
This pic is so cute. There is a dog that goes to Point Isabel on weekends, and we see him when we walk Kiefer. He's a little dog, and his back legs don't work, so he's in a dog cart that he lays on, where his back legs rest, and he propels himself with his front legs. He has leather and skulls all over the cart, it's darling and so is he!

Cruise cutie

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We adopted Mariah a week ago from a Dear GF Nurse of mine Kristi..she found her free on Craig's List..she's 2 years old..and learning our home.
Birth Name according to her "papers"...-Maraiha -Mickey Mantle..AKA The Queen..thanks for the thread...:)..Joanne and Mark
Mariah 2011-08-23 002.jpg Mariah 2011-08-23 005.jpg


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My apartment is way to small for a furbaby although I would love to have one. I claim Susan's pets as mine too.

Our little Ginny is a sweet Brittany that Susan got from the Brittany Rescue organization where she volunteers. Ginny got her name because she was found as a stray and rescued from the State of Virginia.

Right now Susan is a foster mom to another Brittany rescue dog, Tanner. Not sure how Mr. Tanner got his name. He and Ginny love to romp and play together.​
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It IS fun to read about all our fur babies, canine or feline.

We have a weird cat named Spy. Gordon's dad used to have 200 acres in PA, with a 250 yr old (haunted) home. One winter day, he heard some crying at his back door, and when he opened it there was this little brown kitty. He held the door open for her and asked, WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME IN FROM THE COLD, LITTLE SPY? Thus, Spy got her name. After my FIL passed we adopted Spy, and it took me about 6 years just to be able to hold her. She has always been mean and nasty, and would not come near anyone. In 2006 she started having seizures, and she went on Phenobarbitol. The seizures lessened, and we were able to cut her meds down. Last year she started having seizures again, so she went back on daily doses of Phenobarbitol. It changed her! She is now literally under our feet at all times. Nothing fazes her... a ball rolling over her tail doesn't bother her, if Kiefer nuzzles her she doesnt move, if we step on her or kick her (which we do constantly because she is literally under our feet all the time), she just walks away. I mopped the floor on Saturday... she was just about sitting on the mop the whole time. However... try to pick her up and she turns into a spitfire hellball. Personally, I think she's over medicated, but she's about 18 and if she's comfortable.. eh...


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We have Bandit, a very long haired Silky Terrorist, named because when we got him we already had Smokey, another Silky. After we lost Smokey, we added Cocoa, who was the color of hot chocolate when we got him. Cocoa is my avatar, and it was his idea to climb into my tote bag when we were packing for a cruise - note the cruise documents under the bag. Good try! You didn't ask, but we also have Joey, a gray cockatiel, who changes his name on a daily, or sometimes hourly basis. He answers only to whatever name he happens to be using at the moment, and is usually pretty good about talking to our Mary Ann on the telephone. Gotta learn how to post pictures!
JacquieP ~ I am laughing so hard I'm crying......... my first dog was Smokey, a black border collie mix. When she passed away we got Bandit, a golden retriever. My mother had a brown poodle named Cocoa also the color of hot chocolate. When Bandit passed away we got another golden retriever named Shammy. When my father was alive he used to call my kids little "shamokens". In his memory we named her Shamoken, Shammy for short. We also have a pure white cat named Miko, named by my daughter's friend when she first saw him and that's the name that came to her mind.


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That's very funny!

We have two feather babies. Chickabee is a Blue Fronted Amazon who has serious jealousy issues over Kiefer. I babysat him for a friend who was in Hawaii for 10 days. After they returned home, he spent weeks calling for me. She was so mad she sold him to me! LOL! He used to sit on the top of his large cage and call the cats HERE KITTY KITTY KITTY and then when all 4 of them would come running, he would laugh at them!

Flower is a female cockatiel I found stuck away in a dark corner of a little used room at one of my DD's playmate's house. They got her for $1 at a police auction, and never paid any attention to her. My heart broke, and I offered to trade an aquarium for her. 17 years later, Flower is a much loved member of our family.

We also have Jake the Jerk, a male cat who is about 17. Jake was his name, I added the Jerk part because we just never were able to bond. He's Gordon's cat through and through. Shadow was my mom's cat, and when she died, her husband told me to take him or he would give him to the pound. I took him, and he's very sweet and loving. Jake the Jerk has mean to him though, and for many years poor Shadow would not leave one room, for fear of Jake. Now he roams on two floors, but still doesn't come upstairs to the kitchen/living and dining room. Darn that Jake!

So, we have a dog, 4 cats, a cockatiel and a parrot. The parrot can live to 65 or so.... He's about 18... He'll outlive me!
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We have a golden retriever that we rescued from the pound. Her name was Lucy and we thought it was cute so it stuck. When we got the collie they said they had been calling her "Sassy". Since she is registered AKC we thought we needed to come up with something different. So after much thought we came up with "Lady Zoe of Kirkwall Castle". Kirkwall is the street we live and we thought the name was unique. We just call her Zoe or a few other things when she gets in trouble. DH won a cockatiel at an ice cream social at work. That was 21 years ago. We named him Grover after one of the Sesame Street characters. Next is the 4 cats. Popoki (Hawaiian for cat) was a pound rescue. She's about 10 and is really big - around 18lbs. Next is Sophie, we adopted her outside Albertson's one Saturday. She's about 9 and is a total diva. She always paws the water out of the bowl before drinking. The last two were strays that were dumped near our house. The took up residence in our carport so we started to feed them in order to catch and spay/neuter. Weren't going to keep them but they were so cute. They are black & white and sort of look like they have on tuxedoes. The male is long haired and fluffy and looks like Sylvester so that is what we call him. The female is the runt of a litter. Short and stocky but the most lovable of all. We named her Happy. She has had one near death experience so we keep her close. All the cats are kept inside as we don't need anymore life threatening accidents.


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Grover is 21? I had always heard that 25 was life expectancy for a 'tiel, with most living to 12 or so because most people don't really know how to take care of them. But an avian vet that I took Flower to said that he's seen 'tiels that have been 28 yrs old and going strong, so I was surprised!


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Great thread, Glo! And I agree that Kiefer does look like Sutherland :doubleup:

Our dog came to us (as a rescue...long story) with the name Dana Rooney vom Salzgitter Milieu, and I think he understands German :whistle:

DH's best friend in High School was nicknamed "Rudee" after a Hot Dog place where they hung out called "Rudy's Hot Dogs" Well, when we got the dog, DH started calling him "Rudee Hot Dog" and the name stuck.

Poor Rudee will be going for surgery on his knee next week :(

As for "Cat"....well he has a name, but since he came here, we have always called him "Cat" He is the ruler of the house and keeps Rudee in line...

Rudee as a puppy...

Rudee at Christmas with DS's girlfriend

At Halloween..

And here is "His Royal Highness"

Love reading about all the pets, and how they got their names!



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Raggae--- Just loved your comment about your cat with the picture. Cat has to keep "big dog" in line to survive! Also the pic of Rudee with red lips! What a scream.

I agree -- this has been one great entertaining thread. All stories have been so interesting and the pictures of your dogs were great. What really lucky pets to be so loved by their owners and so many of you have adopted your pets === great!

Wonder why some cats never bond? We rescued one from under our house when just a baby. She never bonded with us. We kept her but most of the time she preferred to be outside, not in with us, except in winter. We named her Foen (means found in Dutch). When we moved we brought her to the new house and she ran out of her cage and over the fence and we never saw her again. She was about 13 at the time. Often wondered if she went off to die. We would drive by our old home many times hoping we would find her there and put ad in paper but never found her. Little did she realize we loved her more than she ever loved us.
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Aww, sad story. Some cats are just like that. Never can figure them out. I suspect they have problems like some people do, it's just difficult for them to trust anyone else..


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reggae and Calgon, it's so amazing to see how much the GS's coloring changed from their baby pics to their big selves. I didnt' realize that was a common thing with GS's.