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What's your favorite "Watering Hole" in the Caribbean?

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by DeniseZ, May 6, 2003.

  1. DeniseZ

    DeniseZ Guest

    I know for many it is Carlos ‘n Charlies. Mine is Pancho's Backyard in Cozumel. We really enjoyed C&C in Aruba. What's yours?
  2. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Don't know the name of it but it is directly across the road from the Tender Dock in Grand Cayman. Upstairs. Nice and cool and a great place to people watch down on the street.. Oh and it's quiet. lol.
  3. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    Great topic.. Any advice for "watering holes" in San Juan, Nassau and St. Thomas? Will be visiting these places next month, any and ALL advice will be followed up :glow
  4. frito

    frito Guest

    I won't tell because I want to keep it a secret as long as possible but it's in Phillipsburg, St. Maarten.
  5. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    No Problem Frito, I won't be in St. Marteen, so you are off the hook.... :lol
  6. frito

    frito Guest

    I'm not all bad, L8inAz--- I'll drink a rum punch for you.
  7. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    Make it 2 Frito :cheers :lol
  8. gene

    gene Guest

    The Wahoo Cafe in Cruz Bay on St. John. Great view of the harbor, great drinks, really good local cuisine. Gene
  9. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Favorite one on St. Thomas is the top of Paradise Point. They have the best bushwackers up there and the view is breathtaking. St. Maarten I always park myself in the sand at Everytin's Cool.

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