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Wheelchair accessible cabins

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by vjj5712, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. vjj5712

    vjj5712 Guest

    I am shopping for balcony cabins. One agent says she only has balcony guarantees for a certain price, however she has group space and has a balcony that is wheelchair accessible for a price of almost $500.00 less. I contacted Princess to see if something as this is legal to sell if you are not in need of it. Few agents said yes and some said no. Has anyone been through a similiar situation? Does anyone know how group space from travel agencies work?? Thanks for any information.
  2. sparkle56

    sparkle56 Guest

    Handicapped accessible cabins should be for people with disabilities only. If you book one, and they later need it because a person with a disability wants to sail, they can and will, bump you out of it.

    We don't park in handicapped accessible spaces just because no one is there. Please leave these cabins for those for whom they are intended.
  3. vjj5712

    vjj5712 Guest

    No I do not park in those spaces either. First they are illegal and on the other hand you will be ticketed. In this case, Princess is obviously selling these cabins to agents without this intention to be certain that all there cabins are sold. And I will gladly be bumped if someone needed it. Just as an example" If you were at a busy shopping mall and a police officer stated no one is in need of this handicapped parking and you are welcomed to park here, would you go ahead? I am well aware of the obvious who these cabins are intended for. But sooner or later, if not occupied by a handicapped person, it is only fair that any cruise line will sell this cabin.
  4. CaribbeanSun

    CaribbeanSun Guest

    Do not take one of these cabins. If someone needs it, it will not be available to them.
  5. sparkle56

    sparkle56 Guest

    I would not park in a handicapped parking space regardless of who told me it was okay to do so. It is illegal and it is unethical.

    I agree it is not illegal to take a handicapped cabin but I do think it is unethical to do so if you do not have a disability that requires it.

    Perhaps Princess makes those cabins available to travel agents in case the travel agents are contacted by a person with a disability who needs the cabin.

    Even my mom, who drives with a justifiable handicapped tag on her car, does not take the handicapped cabins because someone else might need them more than she does.
  6. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Guest

    I thought that when they hold group space, agents merely receive a block of cabins, meaning that there are 'x-number' of cabins of a particular category that they are holding, but do not have room numbers assigned to them. When they call, they get a cabin number or a gurantee when the deposit is made.

    As for holding a cabin that is handicap accessible, I would imagine the there is the possibility that if you are holding it and someone who is justifiably handicapped wants it, you could be moved to another cabin.
  7. McCall

    McCall Guest

    No they will not bump you out of it the handicapped person will be out of luck.
    They DO NOT IN PRACTICE as someone who has booked it to move.

    even on the biggest ships such as the Golden and Grand etc. with over 1000 cabins there are a total of 28 handicapped ones.

    Leave them for those that need them!!!!!

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