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Wheelchair Cabin

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by harpo, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. harpo

    harpo Guest

    Has anyone stayed in a wheelchair accessible cabin? I have booked #8176 on the Infinity .Wondering if there is much difference other than the bathroom.
  2. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Guest

    Not sure about the cabin number, but had friends that were in a handicapped cabin (aft) on the Millennium. Overall, the room is largers.
  3. I've stayed in disabled cabins on the Infinity and the Century. The cabins have wider entry doors, roll-in bathrooms and shower stalls, pull down clothes bars in the closets and about 1/3/4 times the sqaure footage of a regular cabin. On Infinity, our cabin had a couch that converted to a bed. On Century, there were pull-down bunks from the ceiling. The cabins are always near the elevators.
  4. harpo

    harpo Guest

    Thanks info I guess I'll keep the cabin.
  5. judyfssw

    judyfssw Guest

    This is wild. I just posted a message about the same stateroom.
    FYI: We were on the Constellation in 7137 which is also a handicapped 2B room. It was large enough to hold a wheelchair and a scooter and the bathroom was huge. It was very comfortable.
    When and where are you sailing?
  6. rich

    rich Guest

    I read these posts with interst for my wife just broke her ankle and we are scheduled to cruise on the Galaxy Jan 16th. When you break an ankle you can place no weight on that foot b for a number of weeks and right now she is using a wheel chair to gte around. My question is do you have to bring you own wheel chair while on a celebrity cruise or is is like an airline that they will provide you one if you request it in advance. Also does celebrity "hold" handicap roms unitl the end or book them to non-handicap individuals whoa re looking just for more room??? Will Celebrity "bump" a non handicaped couple occuping a handicap room if a non handicaped person needs the room??
  7. Hilary

    Hilary Guest

    We were in cabin 8176 on Infinity last year for our Alaska cruise! What a fabulous cabin!! It's HUGE, including the bathroom and veranda. The only problem with the bathroom was that there wasn't much of a lip for the shower, so one morning when the ship wasn't quite level, we had a little flood into the cabin. The cabin steward dried it up immediately and said it happens all the time. You might request additional towels and just keep one on the floor bunched up near the lip to keep the water from flowing out.

    We absolutely adored this cabin and would request it again in a heartbeat. Hopefully you won't get bumped before the cruise and you'll be able to enjoy it too.

  8. Claudia

    Claudia Guest

    Just found this bulletin board. Funny how things work out. We booked a guaranteed 2C cabin on the Summit for February 13th sailing and just checked our documentation to find if they had assigned us a room yet. It turns out we were given a handicapped accessible cabin in the 2C category - 6103. It appears larger than the other 2C cabins in the diagrams. Has anyone else had this cabin before? My question is, after reading about the woman with the broken foot, could we still be reassigned, if someone needs it, or will we be asked to upgrade to another cabin? Can anyone answer these ponderings?

  9. Lisa117

    Lisa117 Guest

    Rich - I just got off the Constellation where I was travelling with my mother, who is mobility impaired. The cruiseline does have wheelchairs, but I would suggest that if it were an absolute necessity that your wife have one, that you rent one and bring it with you (or you can book through a company like Care Vacations that will deliver to the ship).

    This may not apply to your wife, but my mother is a rather heavyset woman. I wanted to rent a wide wheelchair for her through the company that we rented an electric scooter for the cruise. She spoke to Celebrity's Special Services department, who assured her there was a wide chair wheelchair available on Constellation and that they could reserve it for her use on the cruise. When we got to the pier, we were told no such chair existed. They had small wheelchairs available, but nothing that she could fit into to get on the ship. Eventually the chief housekeeper drove the rented scooter to where we were waiting so she could board.

    The scooter was great on board the ship, but difficult to take off, as a result, my mom did not get off the ship at any of our ports.

    I'd recommend that you make your own personal arrangements, so you know for sure that your wife will have everything she needs to enjoy her trip. Also - you might want to have your travel agent (or special services) make a request that your table in the dining room be near the entrance. It will be easier to navigate in and out with the wheel chair.

    Enjoy your trip!

  10. rich

    rich Guest

    Thanks for your reply and sorry that you had some difficulty getting the proper chair on the Connie. WEare hoping my wife will be able to hobble around wiht a crutch or a cane by 1/16 but will know more once the first week of Jan comes by.
  11. Lisa117

    Lisa117 Guest

    We still had a fabulous time. And all of the staff on board went out of their way to assist her.

    You're going to have a wonderful cruise : ) I hope your wife is better soon.
  12. Scapel

    Scapel Guest

    Yes I stayed in one.
    I was trying to get on the Summit cruise with friends to the Caribbean some time back and there was no availability. Sept. 11th happened, cabins came available and I got into a disabled cabin.
    Yes the bathroom is quite a bit larger. The veranda is larger also. The biggest thing I noticed was the distance between the foot of the bed and that mirror at the foot of the bed. There was quite a bit more distance than in the regular room. Of course there is a ramp to go over the hump to the veranda. I am not disabled and did not ask for the room. That is where the travel agent put me. She stuck me in a butler cabin as soon as one opened up, but as cancellations came in she moved me to the disabled one because it was cheaper.

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