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Whelchair excursions

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Andy A, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Andy A

    Andy A Guest

    Can anyone give advice, tell us of their own experiences, reference wheelchairs and excursions. Is it normally possible to take part in the ship arranged trips, or is it realy more pracical to make your own arrangements....taxi's etc. Are the ship arranged excursions generally accesible. Also, in San Juan, what is the normal arrangement for getting from the airport to the ship....Golden Princess in this case? Many thanks, Andy.
  2. rburns44

    rburns44 Guest


    Have not done any wheelchair excursions in the Southern Carib but my husband was able to do some in the Western. He was able to do the Stingray tour. The crew lifted him and wheelchair off the ship and on to the tender. Then off the tender to the port. Then ship tour people helped him onto bus and folded up his wheelchair and took it. Samething on to boat to stingrays. We took his manual wheelchair for shore stops sometimes. I will look at pics tonight after work and refresh my memory on other stops. I also contacted tours to find out if they were wheelchair friendly. Will check back tonight to let you know more. Sorry have to go to work.

  3. rburns44

    rburns44 Guest

    Andy, I am also going on the Golden Southern Carib leaving this Sunday. If you tell me any excursions you might me interested in I will try to find out all I can about wheelchair excursions - the tour desk and excursion people . Did the Southern in Dec but wasn't really paying attention to wh-ch excursions. Will try to gather info for you. Love those islands!

  4. Gwen

    Gwen Guest

    Re: Wheelchair excursions

    I just returned from the Grand an have done a lot of excursions.
    I'm not confided to my wheelchair but can walk only very smal distances.
    I took the excursions 'moderate' and 'Substantial level of activity'.

    There's no problem getting in the busses: Princess's staff will help you and you can take your wheelchair with you. They even help you getting into the busses, but you still have to climb a few stairs. I had a small stool with me, it really helped!
    No problem getting into the ferry: there is an elevator that gets you and your wheelchair to the waterlevel. When you are confided to your wheelchair you can sit beside 'the captain'. Otherwise you have to go down about 5 stairs. Sit on the highest level, there you can hold yourself when the ferry is going to 'rock and roll', depending on the waves....

    Tell Princess that you have a wheelchair! They will send an escort with the excursion (for free). I had several escorts during my excursions but did not know that untill I needed them: suddenly they appeared out of the group, helped me and disappeared again. Very good service!

    Please read the discription of the excursions carefully: they tell you all you want to know. Have a nice cruise!
  5. Andy A

    Andy A Guest

    Re: Wheelchair excursions

    Many thanks Gwen for your information, we're looking closely at the excursions now. The trip on the Tender sounds exciting!!! Unfortunatelly my wife can't walk at all, so she wouldn't manage those few steps onto the bus, but I'm sure we'll come up with something....Best wishes, Andy.
  6. Capt Data

    Capt Data Guest

    In San Jaun there is wheelchair accessible cabs (US ADA applies here). So ensure that you request a cab to meet your flight and go to the ship this way. Most islands are not very wheelchair friendly as they do not have to follow ADA.

    St Thomas does have a wheelchair accessible tour that you can arrange through the ship. Since your wife can not walk, I suggest you haggle with local cabs and go that way. Can she transfer to a cab or boat with assistance. This would make a difference. You could also look at going to a near by beach that has chairs. Go to the Port of call board and see what beaches are recommend. In Coz, I went to Passion Island. Most of the islands if docked have a shopping center right near the ship which if she has a powerchair/scooter may be good for her to go to and see.

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