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When are the american holidays?



We are travelling on the sun on the 20th March 2004, is this around the time of spring break as i have heard this brings the average ages down a bit?


Spring break for the US is not one give date. It spreads over about a month and a half from early March to late April. Some schools have their breaks in the early parts and some schools have their breaks in the latter part. My friend was on the Golden on March 21st this year and it was over run with kids. Usually on Princess ships, you hardly even notice the kids. But on this cruise, kids were running up and down the hall, knocking on cabin doors and running away, leaving food in the elevators, pushing all the elevator buttons, etc. Also, going intot he adult pool unsupervised and staying there.

On a normal 7 day Princess cruise that I've been on, the average age of passengers is around 40, I would say. Some families with kids, some older folks, but average in the early 40s.



Definitely could be LOTS of schools having Spring Break around March 20th! But, if that's a 10 day Southern cruise, maybe fewer young people than the 7 day eastern or western cruises??

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Since Spring Vacation is only a week long and you are on a Southern 10 day cruise, I don't see the demographics changing dramatically.

Oregon's spring bread is always the last full week in the month of March and in that case it would start on March 20, 2004.

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"Spring" break is usually the week before or the week after Easter. BUT it could be up to two weeks before or two weeks after. Very popular time for families to travel together. If your cruise is a longer one, that might help you a little.