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when do you request upgrades?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by vcruiser, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. vcruiser

    vcruiser Guest

    We booked our cruise through a website for a guaranteed room. we do have access to a TA through the website. how/who/when do we ask for an upgrade? should I ask the TA or can we just wait until we are embarking?

    thanks for your input
  2. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    For now, just wait.... they may upgrade you as your sail date gets closer. If not, then if you still want an upgrade (and it was not offered to you) then at the terminal you can pay for a higher cabin if there are some available (I think, Ive not done that). Usually upgrades are just lucky, and you would see on your booking information if you receive one. Good Luck!
  3. p.g.

    p.g. Guest

    It depends on which line you are booked, Princess does not offer any upgrades at the dock.
  4. asctony

    asctony Guest

    See - Upgrades are doubtful? that is posting on this board. Happy Cruising!!

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