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When is GOLD not GOLD - aka Princess Inch of Gold chains !!!

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Rob U.K, Jan 16, 2002.

  1. Rob U.K

    Rob U.K Guest

    <HTML>We were on Golden on 8th Dec, and I bought my daughter a 14 inch chain she fell in love with [surprise for Xmas].

    I am sure the staff were in uniform, with Princess name tags on, and they were saying the gold chains were 8 or 18 ct gold [can't remember which] though this was no small operation, the whole of the main autrim was set up on one level, must have been 15 staff on 8 tables selling the stuff, one one day only.

    So, I guess, and believe I was led to believe, this was quality merchandise being sold by Princess - a quality company.

    When they say "an inch of Gold" and charge around $3.99 an inch, and for a 14" chain that aint cheap - they mean GOLD PLATE !!!!!!

    We warned

    Bethany loved her chain of dolphins, but in the rough and tumble of Xmas day the clasp was broken, so my local jewellery chain store fixed it the next week for £5 [$8].
    I asked them to apprais the gold as I could not recall if it was 8 or 18 ct, they reported back that "it was not gold".

    I wrote P&O in London, [Princess parent Co], their MDs office replied saying is IS Gold Plate - guess they know how it is being sold and are happy most people go home thinking they just bought REAL gold.

    I am as mad as hell, I expect to get cheated on the islands from local traders or stores I'll never see again, but not an International market leader in luxury travel.

    P&O - You should clearly sign this product as Gold Plate and retrain your staff on the ship to be more honest and precise.

    In there letter they offered to refund the chain and postage, but Beth wants to keep it so I'll just have to put this down to experience.

    Anyone got any thoughts, am I over reacting ?</HTML>
  2. Toto

    Toto Guest

    <HTML>Anytime we have seen this stuff being sold on ships, there is always a sign in very small print telling you that it is only gold plated.
    That would have been a real deal if it was a quality gold chain, but then I have never in my life seen quality gold sold by the inch.
    It is more like those places in the malls that sell it by the inch. Nothing more than what you could get at home ( here in the U.S.) for the same exact prices. Sorry you were fooled by the hipe of the sales pitch. :(</HTML>
  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    <HTML>All of the ships on all of the cruise lines we have ever been on sell this same Chain by the Inch. I have never bought it but have seen the crowds surround the tables so it seems to be very popular.

    I, for some reason, always knew that it was gold plate and not carat gold. I guess I just assumed that carat (10k, 14k etc) would cost more.

    I'm very sorry to hear of your and your daughter's disappointment.

  4. Rob U.K

    Rob U.K Guest

    <HTML>lesson learnt !!!!</HTML>
  5. PEB

    PEB Guest

    <HTML>I for one never expect a deal on any gift I buy on a ship. I always figure the price is a lot more than the product is worth. My wife always looks at the jewelery and has always found better deals on land in a regular jewelery store even if it is supposed to be a sale on the ship.</HTML>
  6. <HTML>I did kind of the same thing. My son has always liked my fathers solid gold wrist chain, and I decided to get one for him on Voyager (it was his b-day). I did ask, though, if they were solid gold.

    Actually, for the kids, that's the way to go. If they get lost, they are a lot less expensive then a real gold one would be.

    If your daughter likes it, that's what really counts. You did good, Dad!</HTML>
  7. paulfredo

    paulfredo Guest

    <HTML>The distinction is probably all about gold Plate vs. SOLID gold. If the sales rep said "this is 14k gold" that may be misleading, but could be correct (it's 14k gold plating). However, if the plating is not gold, that is certainly more than misleading and would be a fraudulant sale.

  8. Sunshine

    Sunshine Guest

    <HTML>I bought my daughter the little cute dolphins on the gold "by thie inch" chain. I did not think it was real gold and they reassures me it was 18 karat and I was pleassantly surprised. I guess I am not surprised to hear it is only gold plate. However my daughter loves her chain and that is really the main thing.
  9. Lucy

    Lucy Guest

    <HTML>Every solid gold jewelry ALWAYS has an engraved mark stating" 14kt",10kt, 18kt,24kt,. Silver says "928". If the jewelry is not marked like that, then it is not real. I always ask, What is the chain made out of, including the inside of gold plated?. I find most people say it is 18kt gold plated with sterling silver underneath. When the gold wears down it turns to silver. I buy lots of chains, rings like that because I like to have lots of jewelry. My dad keeps losing his gold chains so I buy him a new gold plated chain every year. He thinks it is real gold and they are very beautiful. My dad is 90yrs old. I also think it is a great idea for children since they may end up losing their jewelry. I have a lot of mixed jewelry that will need to be apprasied sp when my grandchildren inherit it. I like real gems but I don;t care if it is on a gold plated ring.</HTML>
  10. Beckiep

    Beckiep Guest

    <HTML>I bought an Inch of Gold rope to hang my "black pearl" on (It's a fake pearl, but looks more real than the real thing.) They gave me a "lifetime guarantee" and care pamphlet that said it was gold plate. This was on R4 in Aug. Maybe it was a different co. on Princess?</HTML>
  11. Shelli

    Shelli Guest

    <HTML>The small print on the by-the-inch gold always does state that it's 18K GF... that means "gold-filled," and it's just another way of saying "gold plated."</HTML>
  12. Bobbie

    Bobbie Guest

    <HTML>Hey Rob, good to see you around again. My e-mai has changed, BTW. Have to agree with you, I do not remember seeing any signage whatsoever about the gold chains being only gold plated.

    I have to tell you what happened with our "INCH OF GOD" , yes, it was printed in the Princess Patter as "Inch of GOD". In their haste, they left out the "L"!!!! :lol :lol

    Anyway, my mother bought me an "Inch of God" ankle bracelet. I'm not used to wearing ankle bracelets, but came to like this one. It had some cute little dolphins on it and I'd wear it with sandals or when I was laying out. After about the third time I wore it, I had a strange black mark all along my ankle. I thought, "What in the heck is that?" People thought it was a tatoo. Turns out the gold on the chain washed off and all I had was a cheap piece of chain. Had to throw it away and scrub like crazy to get the black mark off my ankle.

    Maybe it wasn't a misprint.....who can hold someone accountable for an "Inch of God"?

  13. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    <HTML>Great story Bobbie... It's that "mystery metal" they put a thin layer of gold over...they hope it'll last at least until you get off the ship, I guess. LOL

  14. Ron

    Ron Guest

    You are overreacting - the inch of gold is a plating - not a mix as they might have told you - however, if it breaks or gets tarnished you can send it back to the inch of gold people and they will repair or replace - I bought items on board Princess and I send them back to inchofgold whenever they deteriorate and they replace with new. The only cost is that of shipping.
  15. tomc

    tomc Guest

    <HTML>Don't buy anything from a place you can't conveniently return to. Of course, you WANT to return to a cruise ship, so that kills my argument.</HTML>
  16. jeffstern

    jeffstern Guest

    <HTML>On any ship we've been on, and the all sell the Inch-Of-Gold, there were signs with photographs shwing how the base was coated with real gold (plate). It was clearly marked, and in several places....
    As far as not being able to conveniently return merchandise to a ship, the shops on most lines, with very few exceptions, are all run by a company in Miami called Greyhound Leisure. If you have any problems, you can contact the line, or Greyhound.
    While the souvenir prices on a ship are usually steep, the "duty-free" items, such as liqour and real jewelry (not the costume crap!), are comparable to duty-free shops in most ports.</HTML>
  17. Ron

    Ron Guest

  18. Rob U.K

    Rob U.K Guest

    <HTML>thanks sunshine

    Bethany loves the chain, so I'm calling it gold, for her sake.

    I guess I'm just not a savey jewellery shopper, I can't figure out their shoe or clothes sizes yet either !!!!!!!

    As princess offered a refund I don't blame them really, now. But I do think the staff selling the stuff should be more truthfull and IF any signs were there they were welll hidden !!!!</HTML>
  19. Kretch3

    Kretch3 New Member

    We have bought it many times and never had a problem. It is 18K gold layered like it says on the guarantee we got and the sign there in the shop - and way cheaper than solid gold plus they make it any size.
  20. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    Another old post

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