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When is the best time to go

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by cruiserjanet, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. cruiserjanet

    cruiserjanet Guest

    We would like to go to either (1) Canada/New England, (2) Eastern or Southern Caribbean or (3) Panama Canal. These are our choices in order of preference. We can go only in June or October (due to our work schedule and the work schedule of the couple we are going with). Please let me know the best month (of the two I listed) to go on each of these cruises. Thank you.
  2. cruiserjanet,

    When going on a Canada/New England cruise what will your interests be? Although October's temps are cooler than June's, except for Indian Summer Days, the foliage in October is very impressive. I also find more "seasonal" events occur in Autumn that make the region unique...maybe I'm biassed because I live in New England! There is also a larger variety of cruise lines in October than June.

    The Caribbean in June is nearly identical to the Caribbean in October. Warm (75-85), there are no pretty leaves either time, but the beaches are much nicer than any found in New England! The water is also a touch warmer.

    By default, October is the best time for a Panama Canal cruise. I took a quick look and was not able to find any Panama canal cruises in June. The October cruises have some nice itineraries, and start with 10 day cruises priced similarly to 7 days cruises to Canada/New England.

    Hope this is helpful!
  3. cruiserjanet

    cruiserjanet Guest

    Thanks for the helpful information. We are mainly concerned with the weather and how the area will look when we visit it. We are also trying to avoid hurricane season. Also, we are thinking of taking a 10+ day cruise. We recently got back from a 15 day cruise (which was incredible) so anything much less doesn't seem long enough. :)
  4. Snowblower

    Snowblower Guest

    If you are only going to sail on Princess, Princess sails Canada/New England only in September & October. The fleet is in Europe, Caribbean and Alaska in June. October historically is when the most hurricanes occur in the Caribbean. Have sailed Princess to the Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean and the Canal. The Canal cruise was far superior to any of the others. Have not gone to Canada/NE but my choice is the Canal from the ones you offer.
  5. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Definitely Oct. for ALL those regions U mentioned. Too HOT in June IMO for the Caribbean or Canal and as Snowblower mentioned there are NO sailings to NE / Canada for June. Enjoy!!! :thumb

  6. Snowblower

    Snowblower Guest

    One other thing that I forgot and Einstein didn't catch...Princess doesn't sail the Panama Canal in June. Sailings to/thru the canal are from around the 1st of October to the 30th of April. The first/last cruises on the months listed are typically ship repositioning cruises.
  7. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Guest

    There is sailings to Canada/New England in June 2006 Carnival Does 4 and 5 day out of NYC to Canada. (Halifax and St. John) and Holland America does 7 dayer Canada/New England out of Boston to Montreal, then reverser oder Montreal to Boston.
  8. cruiserjanet

    cruiserjanet Guest

    Thanks for everyones responses. This certainly does help to narrow it down. I will discuss your responses with my travelers and we will take it from there. Happy cruising!!!!

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