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when is the most affordable/best value time to cruise?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by vcruiser, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. vcruiser

    vcruiser Guest

    which months or weeks in particular are cruise rates the least expensive? week before x-mas or t-giving? during hurrican season? I guess I could look this up but feeling a bit lazy.

    also looking for specialty cruises that focus on cooking - is there a such thing? I read something about holland america. are there others? celebrity?

    thanks for info!
  2. viet630

    viet630 Guest

    September and October are the best buy's. But good luck dodging the Hurricanes. Viet
  3. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    Viet is correct that September and October are excellent months for Caribbean cruises -- I would
    add November, as well, except Thanksgiving week which commands a premium. For cruises to other areas, the shoulder seasons can somewhat different. The absolute best values are on repositioning cruises, when the cruise lines are moving their fleets, say from Alaska or Europe to the Caribbean or vice
    versa. So, look at a fleet calendar and identify when those changes take place. Then check out the prices on these cruises. Be aware, of course, that often there will be more sea days on these routes since, after all, the cruise line is really just trying to get the ship from market A into market B.

  4. cruizinrican

    cruizinrican Guest

    Hurricane season, noone ever wants to cruise then and thanks to them, we cruise cheaply that season. I have never had a bad experience yet and save so much that we usually cruise 2 during hurricane season.
  5. In addition to the above. some of our best deals have been the first 2 weeks of December . Also found great deals int he Caribbean in May(shoulder season) and the first 2 weeks of January.
  6. Hi Ho!

    Cruisin is cheaper in Sep/Oct but I would pick Dec, up to the last sailing where you disembark before Christmas day and then anytime in January. The prices can be about as cheap as Sep/Oct and it is the start of the dry season yet everything is green from the Fall rains and storms. During this time is when the land based resorts have some of their highest rates because of the perfect weather (and people needing to escape the cold) yet cruising has some of its beat fares!

    Except for around Spring Break (which anymore, seems to take up all of spring;-) Apr/May can be ok priced but at the end of the dry season some of the islands are a little brown, I prefer them green. lol

    Just my opinion,

  7. cruiztime

    cruiztime Guest

    The first week in January usually has some good bargains........AND hurricane season is over :bat
  8. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    If you want a Christmas cruise that is less expensive (when compared to in season rates) try Alaska. :lol
  9. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Sometimes repos or a one off open ended cruise can be pretty great. Watch the air fare at the end..book early and cross your fingers watching for the cruise to go on sail. (sale)

    Generally speaking though every one (except Cruizer who has shares in an icebreaker) has everything covered
  10. canuck1946

    canuck1946 Guest

    Cruiser - I sure hope you jest with your comments as you would be hard pressed to find a cruise ship (reputable that is) going to Alaska in December.

    Our preferences for good value cruises is from Thanksgiving tru to the end of the 2nd week of December and the first few weeks of January. We are on the Summit on Jan 2 and it was excellently priced and the other bonus is fewer kids. We found that the week before Christmas is cheaper as well but Central and South American kids are more present as their holidays start early.

    Repositioning cruises or end of season are also excellent value. In my humble opinion of course.
  11. Some real good deals announced by HAL and others this week for the end of August and first 2 weeks of Sept, after the kiddies are all back at school.

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