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When is your next Carnival Cruise and where is it going?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by stormn norman, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. gld

    gld Guest

    My next cruise is April 1, 2006 on the Glory (Eastern Caribbean).
  2. Patty ( Seawitch) .......and Mike,

    Nice to hear from you........

    I certainly DO have the hat!!! And it is coming with me on the Legend and Triumph next year........
    and YES - The Kruizin Krazy Caribe Krew was an AWESOME cruise........one of the best!!!

    Keep in touch and Happy Cruisin!

    P.S. Nice to hear from you Nikki75! I remember that one too.......Also one of my favourites!!
  3. Seawitch

    Seawitch Guest

    Hi Norman,

    Great to touch base with you again and so good to know Mike's Hat ( sorry YOUR hat) will once again be on the seas, expecially on the Triumph, its virgin cruise. Wear it in good fun and have a great time on the Legend too.

    So good to know that you are actively cruising and posting again.

    And when you post your next pictures, I do expect to see some of you with lovely red hair.

    Are you planning any special events on your next two sails? I hope so, because there is no better way to meet and enjoy your fellow cruisers that with some crazy hats, exchange gifts and drinks together.

    I just love it when I touch base again with some of the fun folks from past cruises or when as I see them posting on different boards. Great memories of great times.

    Wonderful to hear from you. Happy Sailing !!!!! Patty ( Seawitch)
  4. jrmende63

    jrmende63 Guest

    wow..that is a whole bunch of cruises! We are going on the Carnival Spirit to Alaska, May 17,2006!
    It is our 25th anniversary present to each other!
    Julie :SC
  5. jrmende63

    jrmende63 Guest

    Sweetpea29488 Wrote:
    > We'll be on the Liberty April 1st (8 day). There
    > a couple of others on the board that are going
    > also. Renee and cherbeth.
    wow I like the pic! Neat!

    SMASHROX` Guest

    I'll be on the Fascination 12/12/05 and the Liberty for a Mediterranean delight on 5/19/06!

  7. nimbex

    nimbex Guest

    we have the triumph 11/19/05, just a few days away, doing eastern caribbean

    elation 9/10/06 doing eastern caribbean

    still need to book a spring one (waiting to see our tax bill first!)

    happy sailing!
  8. Gary Cotton

    Gary Cotton Guest

    January 28th on the Glory. Our first cruise and, I don't mind saying, Im getting excited!

  9. We're going on our first cruise on the Inspiration on December 19th.
    My parents and my sister's family will also be going.
    I'm pretty nervous about it.
  10. Los Abuelos

    Los Abuelos Guest

  11. starfire

    starfire Guest

    We are going on our first cruise in May of 2006 on the Ecstasy. We can't wait to go.
  12. That's a lot of cruises! Congrats. If ya have a few minutes, check out my post..Help a Rookie Cruiser? I'm thinking you have tips upon tips after that many cruises.... Also, have a great time on the upcoming 2.
  13. AZ Greg

    AZ Greg Guest

    Our next one will be June 4th on Carnival Valor. It will be our 3rd Carnival cruise and we're sure it will be great. Hope to see some of you onboard.

    Happy Sailing
  14. msgrits

    msgrits Guest

    I am pretty Sure I doing the Liberty in April from Florida to Europe.
  15. singlejen

    singlejen Guest

    Iam going on the liberty april 1st.
  16. raider23

    raider23 Guest

    March 4, 2006 8 days with my bride (& no kids )of 21 years aboard Carnival Liberty To the Eastern Caribbean. WOOHOO!!!
  17. kevin2b

    kevin2b Guest

    Next cruise is April 1,2006 Carnival Pride, Mexican Riviera

    Carnival Glory July 2004

    Carnival Valor April 2005
  18. justrambling

    justrambling Guest

    Well, It's definitely official now. I just bought the plane tickets to California. My dad and Stepmom, who live In CA, told us they would treat us to a 4-day cruise if we can get out there (from CT) this summer. We are flying out to California in July, and will be taking the cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada. My husband and I have never been on a cruise before. Neither have our boys, who are 11yrs. and 7yrs. old. So it will be an experience for us. LOL! I'm really looking forward to it.
  19. rox

    rox Guest

    i'm going on my 1st cruise april 3rd. [5days] leaving from galvaston, tx on the ecstasy. ports are cozumel and playa del carmen.
  20. yesitsfree

    yesitsfree Guest

    My next cruise is on Carniva Sensation April 20 2006

    We are going to Freeport and Nassau

    This is a Girls Only Cruise for us. Should be loads of fun no DH or kids.

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