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When is your next Carnival Cruise and where is it going?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by stormn norman, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. beaming90

    beaming90 Guest

    My next cruise is December 9, 2006 on the Glory going the Eastern Route.
  2. ngl116

    ngl116 Guest

    Next cruise is October 1st 2006 on the Carnival Valor. 2 past carnival cruises!
  3. Hello fellow addicts!!! My sister brother and I sail from Miami November 12 ,06- on the Valor headed for Belize, Honderas, The Cays, and Costa Maya. Third carnival cruise since our 1st time in November 05.
  4. jaxblast

    jaxblast Guest

    Crusin Sisters - We are going out on the Valor on April 30 - I'll be sure to post pictures to you can get a look at them

  5. ewheelock

    ewheelock Guest

    I am going on the Conquest October 15, 2006. Have never sailed Carnival but have sailed on Holland America and Royal Caribbean. I also have never sailed on such a large ship so it will be an adventure.
  6. joeycox

    joeycox Guest

    Well let's see....... It is supposed to be October 30th 2006 on the Fantasy.
    Not sure which ship we will actually sail on since the Sensation seems to be playing hopscotch.
    Lol as of now it is the Fantasy Western Caribbean.
  7. IslandGirl66

    IslandGirl66 Guest

    We are going to Halifax on August 17th on the Victory out of NYC our home port. It will be different than a caribbean cruise but I am l so ooking forward to it.
  8. Sailing on Carnival Conquest July 2, 2006. Two groups. One group of first-timers. C -79D and counting!
  9. leasa1960

    leasa1960 Guest

    We're going on the Glory in 12 days! I can't wait! Anyone else going on the April 29th sailing?
  10. joeycox

    joeycox Guest

    Hmmm well let's just say we have hopped to the Conquest Oct 29 to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel
  11. popsec

    popsec Guest

    4 weeks from Monday (Sept 25th) we'll be going on the Legend again. This time we have an extended aft balcony so that will be fun! :party
  12. My husband and I are going on the Carnival Pride in two weeks time to the Mexican Riviera. Can't wait. Has anyone been on this cruise and recommend any of the trips that are on offer. We are going to Las Vegas for a week first, so shall be glad of the rest.:wave
  13. ahewitt

    ahewitt Guest

  14. Looking to take another cruise in the spring 07!!!
  15. KDBARR02

    KDBARR02 Guest

    will be leaving august 26 2007 on conquest out of galveston. will be celebrating our 16 wedding anniversary. as we were to busy to do anything on our 15th. we are looking forward to a new ship .we only do one ship then move on to another. this is our 4th trip out of galveston. and have done one to alaska on princess. and one on rhapsody out of galveston. this will be our first time to montego bay. hopefully some day we can go to st martin and st thomas and puerto rico. but still looking forward to this trip on conquest. hope it is a great ship was disappointed on elation will never go on it again.

  16. 10/15/06 on the Miracle out of Tampa ! Western caribbean.
    Can't wait, that's for sure. Fifth cruise, third on carnival.
  17. Well actually we just stepped off the Miracle on Sunday this week! LOL
    Then before that I had that little Sensation with the girls exactly one month before.

    Nothing new is booked as of yet.... probably won't be till Jan/Feb for the year. We have already taken our 3 for the year! LOL
  18. rob42

    rob42 Guest

    Will be on the Imagination 10/14/06, Fascination 1/5/07 Lynyrd Skynyrd cruise, Triumph 2/10/07, and finally...well maybe not Destiny 8/26/07 think I sill can get another one in before 08 gets here... :)
  19. We'll be on the Miracle oct. 15th, 2006 !!! Can't wait. Western Carribean here we come !!!
  20. popsec

    popsec Guest

    4 days.....yippee!

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