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When is your next Carnival Cruise and where is it going?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by stormn norman, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. melk

    melk Guest

    We are sailing the Miracle on December 3, 2006 for our Honeymoon...we can't wait!!
  2. Eoconnor

    Eoconnor Guest

    02/17/06 Elation this one with the kids in a suite.....
  3. I'm sailing the Pride January 21,2007 (Mexican Riviera) and the Miracle October 22,2007(southern carribean)
  4. grenny4031

    grenny4031 Guest

    :)D:wave Ecstasy December 11, 2006. 14 days and counting. I am so excited! This will be my 1st cruise and my BF 3rd. Her Birthday:party present from her DH. A wonderful gift that includes me after 2 long years of trials and health problems.
  5. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    I gave my aunt $200 Tuesday afternoon, and told her whatever cruise she books,,,, I'll be there. So as far as I know she was going to book the Imagination out of Miami on March 12, 2007. Its only a 5-day. But I don't really care at this point. As long as I'm on a cruise ship in the Spring. Then I'll have my fill for the year LOL. This cruise goes to Grand Cayman, and Ocho Rios Jamaica. And I'm excited as heck to be able to get on another cruise FINALLY. Because its been way too long. And I've always said I never wanted to go on the same ship twice... it looks like I'll be going on the Imagination for the second time. Oh well I guess I can't be too picky since I'm just going along for the ride:girly
  6. AirSea&Rail

    AirSea&Rail Guest

    Mine is on the "Carnival Legend" ,Southern Carsibean on December 10th. This will be my first Carnival cruise. We will see if it is to be repeated!

    Happy sailing everyone.

  7. AirSea&Rail

    AirSea&Rail Guest

    Mine is on the "Carnival Legend" Southern Carribean on the 10th of December. This will be my first Carnival cruise. We will see if it is to be repeated. I will soon post a review on the Regal princess.

    Happy Sailing, Keith
  8. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    Well I can finally post on this thread with a guarantee answer. We finally booked our Spring Cruise. We're cruising March 17th on a 5-day on the Imagination. I've been on this one once before,,, it was my 3rd cruise several years ago. So I am interested in seeing what changes have been made since then.:party
  9. deeolasingh

    deeolasingh Guest

    My is in 53 days on the Destiny to the souther caribbean.... whooo hooo I cant wait to see those beautiful turqoise waters again......
  10. letafran

    letafran Guest

    Wow! Time is getting close for you....we cruise on the Destiny out of San Juan on May 27th....140 days for us! Be sure and post to let us know ALL about the cruise!!!:phone
  11. wcdapro

    wcdapro Guest

    Close now.. ticker says 28 days to go on the Liberty to the eastern/southern islands!!! We can't wait. Spent the day picking out our November cruise; maybe the new RCCL boat, Liberty?? We'll know soon!!
  12. Ddunn

    Ddunn Guest

    I go on the sensation.......this Sunday!!!!!!

    and am looking to book one for september......maybe on the Liberty...not sure yet.

  13. Peddler

    Peddler Guest

    Ecstacy out of Galveston 4/30 to Progresso and Coz.
  14. ababa26

    ababa26 Guest

    Ours leaves October 27, 2007 on the Liberty to the W. Caribbean. We've cruised before, but this will be our first with Carnival. Can't wait!!
  15. JessicaE

    JessicaE Guest

    may 3- 11 on carnival's miracle. can't wait!
  16. covkid

    covkid Guest

    Carnival Miracle October 22nd 07
  17. cruzer2007

    cruzer2007 Guest



  18. wcdapro

    wcdapro Guest

    We board Saturday for eight warm and wonderful days on the
  19. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    Carnival Glory Western Caribbean September 8, 2007 :)
  20. nikkinova23

    nikkinova23 Guest

    Carnival Destiny 5/27/07 so excited

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