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When is your next Carnival Cruise and where is it going?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by stormn norman, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. randykaye

    randykaye Guest

    Our next cruise is on Carnival Ecstasy leaving June 11!!!!
  2. mattm1962

    mattm1962 Guest

    Myself, wife and 2 sons will be on the Fascination leaving May 28th with stops in Key West and Cozumel. This is the first cruise for the wife and I since our honeymoon cruise aboard NCL's Seaward in '89. Can't wait!!
  3. jkmcroot

    jkmcroot Guest

    Carnival Liberty 8 day Western Caribbean in March of 2008. I need to add that to my sig.
  4. popsec1

    popsec1 Guest

    We just got back from 8 days on the Legend.....Belize, Costa Rica and Panama. Got home and was suffering from post cruise depression...until we booked 3 short B2B cruises on the Fascination in May:D
  5. dblack

    dblack Guest

    im leaving saturday, a five day to progresso, and cozumel on the carnival ecstasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. DaBookNeice

    DaBookNeice Guest

    We leave for same trip very soon - so Very excited!!!
    Did you take tours on your own or thru Carnival?
    Any thing you have to say I would appreciate hearing.
    Any tips or suggestions. Any problems in the ports?

    Maybe it would help the post cruise depression to talk about it.
    I am ears.

    Thanking youin advance
  7. nikkinova23

    nikkinova23 Guest

    5/27/07 on the Destiny to the Southern Caribbean
  8. teris43

    teris43 Guest

    My family and I sail June 10th on the Legend. It's a western Caribbean. This is our first and we are very excited!
  9. Los Abuelos

    Los Abuelos Guest

    Not soon enough! Gotta wait 'till Nov 12th for Carnival Freedom and a return to Cozumel which was our first cruise destination. Then Princess Sapphire LA to Vancouver B.C.
  10. cookingk9

    cookingk9 Guest

    We leave March 2nd for our first cruiseX(. We will be on the Paradise going to Ensenada. Can't wait hope we have a good time.
  11. Ebbtide

    Ebbtide Guest

    Just booked the MIRACLE toayd - 12/9 for 8 days, S. Carib. Been on her before, great ship.

    Off on mSC for 12 days next mo.
  12. rba01701

    rba01701 Guest

    I havebeen on the Liberty twice. After the second time I just booked Royal Caribbean.
    Inside you are treated like a queen but the business end stinks. The last day the stewerd threw out my white outfit thinking it was white towel. I had to fly back to Boston in shorts during a Blizzard. The only compensation they gave me was a $50 online certificate when I go on my next carnival cruise.
    So the next day I booked Royal Caribbean.
    When will they realize that the business end is important and as soon as we leave the ship we should be just as important as when we go on it?
  13. kjpedigo

    kjpedigo Guest

    We leave on March 24 abord the Carnival Legend. I have a teenage son that will be with us just checking to see if there will be more teenagers abord at that time if so please e-mail me a kjpedigo@hotmail.com. and would love any input that you have about this ship it is a first time for me and my family to cruise. There is 11 of us that will be curzin.

  14. saturnsc

    saturnsc Guest

    My next cruise is this coming May out of NYC to the E. Carribean aboard the Carnival Miracle.
  15. covkid

    covkid Guest

    We are on the Miracle October 22 07 cannot wait.
  16. We will be on the Celebration 3/24/07
  17. Niloc

    Niloc Guest

    My family is also going on 3/24. My daughter (just 18) and her girlfriend will be aboard. We are excited about this cruise!
  18. wildberry

    wildberry Guest

    Just booked the Legend for May 4 2008 out of Tampa Bay
    Inspiration 10-01
    Spirit 09-02
  19. Going on the Carnival Triumph August 25th, 2007!

    Grand Turk Baby!!!
  20. popsec1

    popsec1 Guest

    We just just booked Sept 24, 2007 8 nites out of NY. Now we're quadruple stacked!.....yippee!....3 B2B cruises on the Fascination in May also

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