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When is your next Carnival Cruise?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by DeniseZ, May 6, 2003.

  1. TinytotRN

    TinytotRN Guest

    IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Legend 5/13/03 from NYC!! Barb
  2. htimkodiak

    htimkodiak Guest

    we are going on the Legend Feb 17,2004.there are6 of us going and we can't wait to go
  3. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    July 20th on the Inspiration. Its my first and next Carnival cruise!:AL:USA
  4. lainie

    lainie Guest

    Just got back from the Spirit in February. Next one is booked for February 11th, 2004 on the Legend and we're also considering the Glory in April 2004. Can't wait to hear all about the Glory from ya'all who are sailing on her this summer!! :) :) :) :) :)
  5. redcrown

    redcrown Guest

    The Glory 8/2
  6. debbiet7061

    debbiet7061 Guest

    Carnival Legend from New York on May 21, 2003
  7. lvjtnb

    lvjtnb Guest

    Celebration August 11-16. 2 adults, 2 girls 10 and 7.
  8. msp51578

    msp51578 Guest

    Carnival Inspiration Aug 31. 3Guys, 1 Woman We can't wait!!!

    Post Edited (06-11-03 15:32)
  9. lizcole

    lizcole Guest

    Carnival Conquest 10-12-03
    4 of us!!!
  10. anna

    anna Guest

    My cruise is over as of today, just got off the Legend. Now I have some planning to do.
  11. mags11524

    mags11524 Guest

    4th of June on the Spirit to Alaska - 22 days to go till our first cruise!!!
    Seems we have the ship to ourselves

    13 sleeps till we leave home (without the kids)

    69 hours left at work!!!!!!!

  12. cruisingator

    cruisingator Guest

    I booked a short three day cruise on the Fantasy for the fourth of July weekend to hold me over until my Glory cruise on 9/20. This will be my second time on the Fantasy. Boy the price of cruises is starting to slowly rise. I know that this is a holiday weekend but the price was more than what I recently saw for some seven day cruises on Carnival. Oh well it's just money. :)
  13. dspcentury

    dspcentury Guest

    Our next cruise is October 12th on the Carnival Legend...Can't wait!!!
  14. Marsha256

    Marsha256 Guest

    We will be on the GLORY October 25....................can't wait
  15. 1stcmez

    1stcmez Guest

    Paradise - September 28th 2003

    Roe-z, Cindy and I

    Girls cruise!
  16. nick botha

    nick botha Guest

    June 18 on the carnival spirit
  17. RogerD

    RogerD Guest

    Cariniva Legend out of NY on August 1st.

    Anna, can you tell me about your trip on the Legend before you start planning the next one?

  18. Sea Turtle

    Sea Turtle Guest

    Spirit - May 21 & May 28 - Alaska - Vancouver to Seward and Back Again

    Enjoy your journey!
  19. Diva

    Diva Guest

    Carnival Triumph - September 13th
  20. #1Nurse

    #1Nurse Guest

    Have a great time.
    We are cruising on the 18th also, but on the Conquest!!


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