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When is your next "Glory Cruise"

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Marsha256, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Marsha256

    Marsha256 Guest

    I wanted to know who is all going to cruise on the new ship the Carnival Glory......Marsha
  2. chocvanilla

    chocvanilla Guest

    Will be on her August 30, 2003. Our first cruise, celebrating our 17th Wedding Anniversary and also my 18th annual 21st birthday.
  3. cruise-n-mom

    cruise-n-mom Guest

    My family of 4 will be traveling on the Glory on August 9.
  4. GaryC

    GaryC Guest

    My family of 4 will cruising August 2....
  5. My dh and I will be sailing August 23rd.
  6. redcrown

    redcrown Guest

    I will be sailing on her with a group of 17 on August 2nd.
  7. lainie

    lainie Guest

    I will have a bit of time to kill until my Glory Cruise -- April 2004! :) :) :) :) :)
  8. BobSher

    BobSher Guest

    In 2 days, 5 hrs and 38 min...but then who's counting...(07/19/2003)
  9. dgregg

    dgregg Guest

    We will be on her Sept. 6th!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
  10. kates024

    kates024 Guest

    I will be on her Oct. 18th!!!!

  11. Duker

    Duker Guest

    Originally Oct. 25, rescheduled to Aug. 30th, couldn’t wait that long!!
  12. Wicked

    Wicked Guest

    I'll be on her on October 18th as well, my hubby and I celebrating our one year anniversary, but he prefers to say our 2nd honeymoon, he'd rather have honeymoons and I'm fine with that. We have another couple going with us as well.

    Keep her safe all of you going before us! :)
  13. We will be with Wicked and her husband on Glory. Our wedding dates were exactly 6 months apart. It will be our second honeymoon also. It is our 1 year and 6 month.
    We can't wait!
  14. kates024

    kates024 Guest

    Wicked and Mark and Laura:

    What age group are you? I will also be on the Glory on Oct. 18th. I am 21 and my BF is 29. My BF's parents (50's) & my neighbors (late 30's) will probably also be sailing!

  15. Wicked

    Wicked Guest

    Re: When is your next

    Now that's funny you should ask. We range in ages, me (Wicked/Soozie) is 44 but my husband (Ron) is 33 :) and Mark and Laura are just the reverse, Mark is my age (actually I think he's OLDER!) and Laura is my husbands age. :)

    I may be 44 in years, but trust me on this one, maybe Laura can back me up, but I'm not even close to actually "being" that age!

    You can find Ron and I in the Casino at night, trying to win enough money to pay our Bar tab at the end of the cruise. :) Enjoying the shows, watching the football game in the sports bar on Sunday during the Nassau Stop (been the a zillion times use to live in Fort Lauderdale) so that stop is no biggie for me.

    We're flying into Orlando the night before and staying near the airport and booking a shuttle to take us to the pier on Saturday morning. We're flying in from Denver, Mark and Laura are coming from Detroit. Where are you coming from?

    We'll have to all meet up and have a drink or two or more together! :)

    Post Edited (07-18-03 10:51)
  16. rdonte

    rdonte Guest

    Taking a group of family & friends "The Frequent Floaters" ages 26 - 58 next April 24. Would love to hear from others sailing this same date.
  17. mkend2000

    mkend2000 Guest

    We have 6 rooms booked for April 17th, 2004!!!!!!!!!!!

    CAN"T WAIT!!!
  18. np4gp

    np4gp Guest

    Hi. I just signed up for this website. My husband and I are going on the Glory on August 30. We took our first cruise this past May and were planning to wait until next April to cruise again. No way!!! We are addicted to cruising so we are going next month and again next April.
    Nice to meet all of you

  19. Wicked wrote:

    ------------I may be 44 in years, but trust me on this one, maybe Laura can back me up, but I'm not even close to actually "being" that age!-----------------

    I can back her up on that one for sure. She can drink and party ALL night and get up in the morning like NOTHING happened.
    One time I remember very well was about 7(?) years ago. She was put to bed around 4 am and at 7am she came and woke all the rest of us back up. Mind you we had just all crashed at 6am. She was bright eyes and bushy tailed. One of those you want to hurt in the morning!
  20. ken_nyc

    ken_nyc Guest

    We will be going on her August 21, 2004, celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Too bad we have to wait til next year.

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