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When Is your next Princess Cruise??????..Roll Call!!

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Cruise cutie, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Rena

    Rena Guest

    Our first cruise is June 22, 2009 for Alaska on the Island Princess . Can't wait to cruise.
  2. Stretch628

    Stretch628 Guest

    Caribbean Princess - June 29, 9 day Eastern Caribbean
  3. Tracyd1014

    Tracyd1014 Guest

    June 28, 2009 on the Star Princess to Alaska!
  4. My next Princess cruise is on the Caribbean Princess August 13,2009 cant wait so excited::girly
  5. I am going on my first Princess cruise on August 24,2009 on Island Princess to Alaska! So excited!
  6. DL111255

    DL111255 Guest

    Diamond Princess November 22, 2009 Bangkok to Sydney 18 days
  7. aprilivy

    aprilivy Guest

    First time on Princess - Golden Princess - July 25th r/t Seattle/Alaska/Seattle
  8. Classyshots

    Classyshots Guest

    Island Princess 05/31/10 NB and 06/07/10 SB Back to Back
  9. ByronGA

    ByronGA Guest

    TO: sidari

    I have never been on Princess cruise line....6 cruises with Carnival and 1 with RC....I am looking at Emerald Princess Oct 29, 2010...which is basically the same iten you are on November 14th. If I mailed you a stamped self-addressed envelope, would you please send me the daily bulletins from your cruise so I can get an idea of what happens on Princess versus Carnival?

    Please contact me at: thomasg@afrc.af.mil

  10. Gramma Ann

    Gramma Ann Guest

    Just booked another. July 18, 2010. Sapphire out of Seattle rt. Several family members going.
  11. johjr1959

    johjr1959 Guest

    Sailing out of Seattle July 25th to Alaska. See Aprilivy is on same cruise. Hey with only 2800 other soles onboard maybe we might pass in the hall or at dinner. Safe journey and may we always float right-side up!!!!
  12. aprilivy

    aprilivy Guest

    Golden Princes this Saturday, July 25th
    Any advice on transportation to pier from airport?
  13. johjr1959

    johjr1959 Guest

    We are using Reliable Car Service from AP to Hotel night before and hotel shuttle to port morning of cruise. 206-225-9086. First time use so no history to share.

    Hotel is within mile of pier so AP to ship should be same price as below.

    SUV for three is $65
    Town car for two is $40

    SUV Ship to AP five people plus 2 bags each and carry-on $75

    Was told to call and they will pick up 5 min once we have bags and are ready to transport from AP to hotel.
  14. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    Super Shuttle.
  15. Corky

    Corky Guest

    :dance Feb 2011 - Emerald Princess - Hubby's 60th B-day and our 30th Wedding Anniversary cruise ~ can't wait!!! :dance
  16. juvsu

    juvsu Guest

    Grand Princess March 26, 2010. Oh yeah!
  17. we2cruise

    we2cruise Guest

    Carribean Princess - NYC to San Juan via Bermuda - 10/24/2009
  18. drlamon

    drlamon Guest

    Panama Canal - November 30 - Island Princess
  19. xywolap

    xywolap Active Member

    Dawn Princess - 16OCT - 18 nights - Australia (Syd&Bris), Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanautu.

    2nd cruise for us and on same ship.

    For the 1st time cruisers... WARNING... you are about to have a great time and become addicted to cruising..!! Soak it up.
  20. rich52us

    rich52us Well-Known Member

    Saphire Princess Oct 10, 2009 LA, Mexican Riviera!

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