When Is your next Princess Cruise??????..Roll Call!!


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Princess Cruise

Did the Western Caribbean on the Ruby Princess in Jan of this year. Cruising on the Emerald Princess around the Eastern Caribbean in Jan/Feb 2010. Doing the same cruise for 2 weeks!!! To cruise with Princess is absolutely MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emerald Princess on 10/11

Can't wait........ countin' the days......... will be my 5th on Princess.
Twice on the Grand.......... twice on the Carib........... now the Emerald :>)


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Star Princess

Sailing the Star on September 13th, 7 day Alaska from Seattle. This will be our fourth Princess cruise, the Sun and twice on the Emerald.


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Aloha Corki...
I'll be on the Golden on the 5th as well...
This will be our very first cruise...
Anticipation is beyond words...
butterflies have turned to bats !!
Just got off the Sea Princess a week ago (Alaska) and booked a cruise on the Sapphire Princess for Nov. 28 (Mexico). Just can't get enough of cruising...


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Aloha Nawai ~ we are no longer on the Golden for this year, as much as we'd like to, things change sometime so we had to cancel. But, thank you for saying Aloha! :)

:banana:Our next cruise is aboard the Grand Princess Jan 3, 2011 for a 14 Day Caribbean Collection :dance:


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23 October 2009 - Crown Princess from Quebec for fifteen days down the East Coast to Ft. Lauderdale (still trying to convince the DH to stay on for a seven day Caribbean. Cheers!