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When is your next Princess cruise?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Lady Jag, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    Ours is coming up in March on the Diamond. Anyone else cruising soon?

    :? :? :? :? :wave :? :? :? :? :?
  2. jhagen

    jhagen Guest

    March....wow, so long..... We just changed our Island Princess from February 2004 to October 27, 2003 due to price drop.....only 97 days left to go.
    Happy Crusin'
    Dick and Jan
    PS: Can football be far.......
  3. purplejc5

    purplejc5 Guest

    Lady Jaq and I have talked. Ours is coming up on march 20th on the Diamond. So close yet so far.
  4. cold40

    cold40 Guest

    My next cruise is on the Royal from Cape Town in Dec 03. It will be my seventh trip on the Royal an it can not come to soon.
  5. gram

    gram Guest

    Our next Princess cruise is on the Grand Princess December 7 doing the Western Carb. What I like best about Princess cruises is their free style dinning.

    Have been looking at cruises for 2004. But haven't decided yet what we are going to do. Hopefully Princess again if price is right.
  6. AnnW

    AnnW Guest

    I'm going sooner than any of you! :) I cruise in just 40 days, on the Island Princess, Seward to Vancouver. I can't wait!
  7. Kathy & Dave

    Kathy & Dave Guest

    October 25 - Golden Princess (Is it time yet?????)

    March 20 - Sun Princess

    I think I would go nuts if I didn't have something booked to look forward to!
  8. cowtec

    cowtec Guest

    Our first cruise since 1989 is April 18 on the Dawn Princess through the Panama Canal. We really feel like first-timers all over again! I'm counting the days!!

  9. geejay

    geejay Guest

    December 6th, Eastern Caribbean on the Golden Princess. We love Princess!
  10. fergie1

    fergie1 Guest

    Just booked the Sun for April 9th. Seems so long until then, but we were on the Grand in June, so a little less than a year apart.

  11. DianeD

    DianeD Guest

    I'm packing (can't y'all see that) ??!! ............... woo--hooo

    46 days to go - Star Princess - Alaska Inside Passage :dance
  12. robertew

    robertew Guest

    Island Princess 10/07/03.....Haven't started packing yet!
  13. hstrybuf

    hstrybuf Guest

    Grand Princess . . . . September! :grin
  14. gaupin

    gaupin Guest

    sept 8 Dawn Princess. think i'm ONLY one aboard. not a peep from anyone so guess i get the royal suite automatically lol
    mike from wilton manors, fl
  15. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Guest

    6 days to go...July 28 on the Sun Princess, Seward to Vancouver ! Princess cruise #24
  16. AnnW

    AnnW Guest

    Hi, CruiseAholic! Good to see you posting. I have you to thank for getting hooked on cruising! :) You were so helpful to me when I was considering my first cruise...
  17. idajannie

    idajannie Guest

    Dec. 6, '03 on the Island into the Panama Canal.
  18. CruiseAholic

    CruiseAholic Guest

    AnnW, good to hear you are still cruising ! I'm happy to help anyone else work towards dying as broke as I am going to, after spending it all on cruising !
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am going on the Island Princess Oct 17,2003. First Princess cruise, looking forward to
    personal choice dinning.
  20. tutak

    tutak Guest

    December 6th, Eastern Caribbean on the Golden Princess.

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