When is your next Princess cruise?


Mary Ann

Also jumped on a Grand Princess cruise out of Galveston. Only 459 days until our Thanksgiving 2004 cruise!

We booked our first cruise a year ahead and I thought that was hard waiting. Fifteen months may kill me! LOL! But at least I have the next cruise booked and have something to look forward to; haven't had anything booked since our March cruise and was going through bad withdrawals....

It will be so great to be able to drive to the port and not have to fly. We also have family in Houston, so we have a built-in place to stay the night before. Yeh!

Star Princess March 2003
Grand Princess June 2002
Golden Princess Dec 2001
Mercury June 2001
Zaandam August 2000


Island Princes 11/16/2003 to the Panama Canal. This is our 10th cruise togetherfor 10 days to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.



O ur next Princess cruise (which will also be our first Princess cruise) is October 5 on the Grand. Only 46 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi everybody,

We are leaving on the Grand Princess on Sept 21. (less than 30 days!!!)This will be my 3rd time on the Grand, I just love that ship! We got a great rate all because I was the squeeky wheel...lol. I received and extra $150 in on board cruise credits. It pays to complain if you feel you are being treated unfairly. Anyway we plan to have a great time, just my Mom & I. It will be her 80th birthday and her first time on a 7 day cruise. Happy Sailings to you all!


My husband and I will be on the Sun Princess September 18th. Less than 30 days!! Shopping continues to dominate my life right now. We have been on two other cruises, HAL and Celebrity, both 7 day-to the eastern and western carribbean. This is our first 14 day.


3-28-04, our 2nd cruise and 2nd time on Grand. To Yazzy who posted before, I've allready been looking at the Hawaii. Did you get a good deal on this one. So far the prices I have found for balcony have been high. Is anyone else on Grand on our date?

Sandy G

We've booked the 1st Diamond Princess sailing on March 13, 2004. Keeping our fingers crossed it's finished on time. Just returned from Celebrity Constellation's British Isles cruise... WOW! The fjords were awesome but it sure was hot in Paris and London.

Sandy & Ira


Island Princess Oct 17, 2003

We will also be crusing Oct. 17, 2003, it will be our first cruise, can't wait.
How many other cruise have you been on before?


Hi P. Q.

Where did you get your info on the Caribbean Princess? I haven't been able to find any info yet. We are cruising for the 1st time in Nov. 2004. I am stuck between the Grand from Galveston and Eastern on the Caribbean, and I don't want to choose until the info is out.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to getting "hooked" like everyone else.


Ahoy Mates :)

Our next Princess cruise will be on the Coral Princess on 9-6-03 cruising the Gulf
of Alaska from Seward to Vancouver. We will fly to Faribanks on 9-3-03 for
a three day tour of Denali National Park before our cruise. Yes, we are excited!

This will be our twelfth cruise on Princess. We are planning to book our 2004
cruise on board the Coral for the additional perks. We will be booking a seven
day Mexican Riviera cruise on the new Diamond Princess for 10-9-04.
Life is good!


Hi Kelly, well I first was told about the Caribbean Princess by my travel agent, she didn't have alot of info, but she was able to show me an info sheet she printed off a web site that had a reasonable amount of info. I also phoned Princess directly and chatted to one of their agents. Then I found this board ( and serveral others) and started posting and asking questions and many people have been able to offer bits and pieces. It is frustrating because Princess does not have them on their web site yet ,which I think is weird since they are already selling cabins! You are lucky because you will have time to read the reviews that will be posted after the first few sailing and get some first hand accounts.( and still have time to book) I've been on the Grand and LOVED it, I assume the Caribbean will be just as great, and newer to boot! I have done western and eastern and will do the eastern trip again, check out the boards for TONS of goodinfo and happy cruising to you!


To yazzy on the island princess Hawaii. I've been looking at this. Currently on 3-28-04 Grand but would like to go to Hawaii if I could afford it. Did you get a good deal on this and what kind of cabin. My wife and I are partial to the balconys.


Dawn Princess ..Nov.30 and Dec. 14 (Back2Back)

My Wife and I sail Nov. 30 2003.. We'll be doing back to back 7 day trips leaving from San Juan. (Southern Caribbean Explorer itinerary and then the Classic Southern)

We are so looking forward to it. Its been great to have it on the calendar all year because we enjoy the anticipation so much. We are already talking about a trip in 2004. This will only be our third but we are "addicts". I know all of you here understand how much we enjoy cruising, all the fun and relaxation that go with it.

We have listed on the "cruise tracker board" but don't see many other cruise addict's sailing with us.. if your on either the Nov 30 or Dec 7th sailing of the Dawn Princess please drop us a note . We would both enjoy meeting you.

Bev will be in the Spa most of the time and I'll be around the pool early each day when were not off climbing volcano's or snorkeling.

James and Beverly

Disney Magic 2001
Celebrity Summit 2002


Our next is on 9 Nov 2003 from San Juan. Can't wait. Our first time to the Southern Caribbean. Looking forward to fantastic snorkling.

Andree' & Dick