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When is your next Princess cruise?

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Lady Jag, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Harold

    Harold Guest

    My next cruise is September 06, 2003. The Star Princess thru the Inside Passage of
    Alaska. For those who have never been to Alaska, it is not so much the glaciers as
    the air. As Diane D would say woo--hoo!

    MICHLOTZ Guest

    My next voyage is Sept 21, 2003 on the Grand Princess. This will be my 3rd time on this ship, I just love it!! On May 15, 2004 we're going on the new Caribbean Princess to the Eastern Caribbean. On October 1, 2004 we're going on the Panama Canal with Celebrity's Sumitt. Anyone sail this voyage on the Sumitt? How did you like it?
  3. jackjoyus

    jackjoyus Guest

    We are leaving on the Coral on Sept 16th for the Panama Canal. Can hardly wait,leave from L.A this time and end up in Flordia, sure hope we don't run into any storms!!!
  4. yazzy

    yazzy Guest

    Sorry I have not been on the board in awile so I did not see your post! :)
    I booked through a popular travel agent recommended on Cruise Critic site and she got us the best deal there was to find at the time. If prices drop she will give us new price and she gave us a $200 shipboard credit. My parents, hubby and I will stay in one outside cabin because that is all we can afford but we did that on Star Princess to Mexico this past January and it was fine! About $2,040 for each of us and $972 for each of them for the 15 day cruise which is including port charges and taxes etc. I think it's a good price and beat every other TA I called for sure! We are all looking forward to the trip and just need to come up with the cash now :)
    Take care and let me know if I can help with any other questions!
  5. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    I'm with Debi D - Island Princess 10/27/03 10 day r/t Panama Canal....and I am bummed because Cartagena was dropped in favor of Ocho Rios. But, I'm looking forward to my 4th Princess cruise and 9th cruise overall!
  6. Lin

    Lin Guest

    Sapphire Princess in August of 2004.
  7. N2hairstylz

    N2hairstylz Guest

    We have never cruised before, we are on the star princess,sept 27,in 25 days cant wait never had honeymoon, cellebrating our 25 wedding anniversary
  8. Delores

    Delores Guest

    My next cruise is May 06, 2004 to Alaska. This is also my first Princess cruise. Am really looking forward to it.
  9. Jeanie

    Jeanie Guest

    Our next cruise is 3/12/2004 to the Panama Canal, 10 days on the Coral Princess. This will be our fourth cruise, third with Princess. We are trying to go every two years to celebrate our anniversary even though it is not on the exact date.. We got engaged on the Dawn Princess, February 2001, and celebrated our honeymoon on the Golden Princess March 2002. We are really looking forward to it....

    We are listed on the "cruise tracker board" but see only a few cruise addict's sailing with us.. if your on this cruise, please drop us a note . We would both enjoy meeting you.
  10. mjwark

    mjwark Guest

    We are cruising November 23, 2003 out of Fort Lauderdale on the Grand Princess.
  11. fin6645

    fin6645 Guest

    I have been booked for a week. Feb. 11, 2004 on the Coral Princess. 10 day trip,can't wait
  12. obe1

    obe1 Guest

    Just booked another cruise, October 30, 2004 on the Caribbean Princess! This is a ladies only cruise, leaving hubby and kids at home! Can't wait!

    Rose :daisy
  13. katrina_wd

    katrina_wd Guest

    Our first cruise aboard the Grand Princess is coming up very soon (October 5, 2003). I don't think anyone is coming with us though. There are 10 of us going. Anyone else?
  14. rellyrod

    rellyrod Guest

    we will be cruising out on January 3rd, 2004 on the Golden Princess to celebrate our 1st Anniversary! Can't wait!!!!
  15. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    We are onboard for that sailing too, never been on a cruise, but very much looking forward to it
  16. pna

    pna Guest

    Island Princess RT Panama Canal. First 10 day cruise. Third cruise with Princess, never tried another company. We are C#501 first in the bump out section. Anyone been in that area? Too Far OFF but don't want to wish our lives away, eh?
  17. smiley

    smiley Guest

    My husband and i are going on our second cruise and the first on princess.

    It is March 20, 2004 on the Golden to the eastern carribbean can't wait
  18. obe1

    obe1 Guest

    Hi Smiley,
    My family and I will be sailing on the March 20, 2004, Golden cruise, too. This will be my 3rd cruise, (2nd with Princess). This is my husbands' and teens age 16 & 17 first cruise. Looking forward to seeing you onboard!

    Rose :)
  19. eurodl

    eurodl Guest

    I know it's very early, but we've booked the 15-day RT to Hawaii on the Island for February 2005! I don't think I'm going to be able to wait that long. I'm already looking into something between now and then.
  20. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Coral Princess with MANY Friends 3/12/2004. Its Getting Closer. May have to look as somethging beforehanc though if the pricing holds good. :)


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